Accidental Stumble Killers

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<Accidental Stumble Killers> we are a late night casual progression 10 man raid team. thats hardcore aout FUN! Raid Leaders Blackxanthas Skarash

Saturday Nights 10pm-2am Server

Currently Recruiting 1-2 active dps and standbys of all roles.

Loot Rules:

We will be using a master looter, for gear to be rolled on, based on their MS/OS. Main spec being what your main role in the raid.

As these are open rolls, please be considerate of your fellow raiders. If you have already won something, please consider passing on the next item if someone else can use it. We want to gear up everyone, as equally as possible, and after all we will all get the gear eventually. Basically, use common sense.

These rules are subject to change by the raid team, if needed.

Things you will need: DBM & Omen Vent (mic & headphones)