AIE Raid Wrapup

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AIE Raid Wrapup

This is a segment created by three members of AIE: Alachaas, Buchis and Ghomus

As raiders in the guild, this segment is about and for you and your raid teams! Currently we are browsing the forums to try and get the most 'up to date' information for all the teams, but this is where we need your help! With over 40 (as far as we can tell) active raid teams, some information is bound to move to the 2nd and 3rd pages before any of us are able to see the posts! If you notice a team has been featured a few times, it means they're in contact with us giving good info.

What we would love to get (as well as feedback) is information from you! We're looking for any of the following, sent to AIE Raid Wrapup or in the forum posts! We tend to make a new one after every show for the next one:

  • Progress reports on content (even if you are a raid team just starting out!)
  • Recruiting information (include classes needed, days/times you raid)
  • Achievements your raid group has gotten
  • Sending Props or just throwing a fellow raid member under the bus!

If you DO send a mail for your raid, and do have a suggestion for a 'theme song' that you'd like for background music, please include that as well! We might not be able to use your exact selection, but it at least gives us a style to work with! As a note, instrumental music works far better than vocal, but we'll see what we can do!