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Mission Statement

The goal of the Game Information Wiki (formerly the AIE Instance School) is to provide guildies with Class knowledge and information to make the most of their characters. Guildies with experience with raid encounters, statisitics, and class mechanics are encouraged to keep this section updated and accurate.


A tank is a character whose primary role is to absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked. Tanks are "meatshields", so to speak, putting themselves between the mobs and the more vulnerable party members. The tank assumes the aggro of the mobs and tries to keep them off other group mates.


A DPSer (Damage Per Second) is a class whose primary role is to deal damage. Damage can be inflicted either melee (physical) or magical. Usually DPS classes are considered to be more fragile and cannot survive taking damage from mobs.


Healers are responsible for keeping the tank and other party members alive. They do this by casting healing spells or by damage mitigation.