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Winema Farstrider
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Female
Class Shaman
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Winema is a tauren shaman, and Imperator of Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

Winema is approximately 7'5", average height for a female tauren. While she changes her hair from time to time, Winema prefers to keep it in long braids which stay out of her way during battle.


Bubbly and inquisitive, Winema is still trying to learn the ropes so she can hang out with the big kids.


Winema Farstrider (not to be confused with the Farstrider Night Elves) grew up in the thriving tauren city of Thunder Bluff. While she often visits, she typically spends most of her time now in Dalaren. She also keeps a summer cottage in Ratchet, as the ocean air is good for clearing her head.

As an elemental shaman, Winema feels very close to nature and the energy surrounding all living things. Therefore, she tends to be a little sensitive to waste (as a skinner/leatherworker, she doesn't like to see animals killed without reason). The Farstrider clan has a long history of dream walking, and can cover immense distances during these excursions.


Winema is the Main character of User:Imriela.