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Heya Cupcakes!

So you wanna be a rock star on Nexus? Then you've come to the right place, Cupcake! Alea Iacta Est in WildStar is a part of the larger AIE Gaming Community. We're a family friendly, casual kind of community you want to share death defying, hoverboarding, tiki mask running, boss wrangling, rowsdower sheering, warplotting, Chua punting good times. So here are all the deets to get you started on Nexus with AIE.

About Us

Realm: NA, Stormtalon <PvE>
Guild: Alea Iacta Est

How to Join

Joining AIE in HeadStart and Launch is easy. Simply join the custom chat channel "AIELFO" and ask for an invite. It's that simple. We'll walk you through the UMAMI process at some point in the future: after we're all up and running, and having fun in-game. Though you will want to make sure you've read the guild's policies and charter while you're waiting for HeadStart to begin Friday night, 30 May 2014, at midnight PDT.

Custom Chat - Old School
Type /chjoin AIELFO
Custom Chat - UI Style
How to Get Your Invite
Please ensure "filter invites" is disabled prior to requesting an invite.  You can do this by:
a.  Press Escape
b.  Select "Interface"
c.  On the "General" (default) tab, scroll down to "Filter Invites" and uncheck it.
d.  Type: /1 Howdi, can I please rustle up an invite to yer guild, pardner? Thankyaverymuch.


Link Coming Soon


Review the AIE in WildStar Guild Policies.

Officer List

Your launch officers will be:

Kav (Space Admiral, Director of WildStar)

WildStar AIE Forums

If there's news or events going on for AIE in WildStar you will find all the details on the Forums!

WildStar Resources

All the useful links here.

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