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I'd like to indicate which instances are on farm status, but we'll need to determine a criteria for that.

--Stigg 23:03, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

What should be the cut off before we remove a team from the list. Ex: NORG is gone and most/some of the members reformed under ELMO.

--Thrakan July 22, 2009

I removed the wowjitsu link. Wowjitsu has ceased to be updated, and GuildOx is the new premier guild ranking site. They have banners you can add to websites, but have not yet figured out how to add them to a wiki.

--Galadeon Oct. 2nd, 2009

The date formats are all over the place on this page. To avoid the conflict between US and Euro formatted dates, can we standardize on a common standard like "2011-01-16" for "16 Jan, 2011"? note: Going back and changing everything would be a chore, but if we clean up Cataclysm and maintain it going forward it will be much easier to read.

--The Moossacre 09:59, 20 January 2011 (PST)

Given that the raid progression is being tracked by boss instead of by section, as it was in WotLK, the Cataclysm table would become far too wide. I split it up, with Tier 11 listed in one table, and a placeholder Tier 12+ on another. Once patch 4.2 lands, the Tier 12+ table will be at the top. This also provides a Table of Content now, which is useful for page of this size. Along with some fixes on the older WotLK tables, the page should now be a bit easier to read.

--Cuer April 23, 2011

With patch 4.2, the tier 12 table is now on top. It is a sortable table, so that users can easily sort by date to see progression per boss, even when the table gets long. In order for the sorting to work, all dates must be formatted in the DD-MMM-YYYY date style, as in 31 Dec 2011. Note: the empty table templates have been moved to a Raiding Progression Template page, to keep this page clean.

--Cuer June 29, 2011

The old method of listing dates was not sorting properly in some instances, but using a 2011-12-31 format does sort properly, even with certain dates bolded to mark them as the first AIE kill. All the dates in the tier 12 table have been changed to this format; all new dates should use that format, going forward.

--Cuer July 31, 2011