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Welcome to Alea Iacta Est!

We are a very large guild with a very diverse membership, which can be overwhelming at times. To ease your entry into the guild, here are some tips.

Before Joining

  • Read the guild polices.
  • Install GreenWall. AIE is composed of several individual co-guilds, due to the size limitation that Blizzard implemented. This add-on links the guild chat of all the co-guilds to make it seem like everyone is in the same guild chat.

How To Join

Once you are back in game join the public chat channel aieLFO and ask for an invite. Please be patient as the officers may be occupied Please do not whisper officers directly.

Once you have received your invite please type /leave aielfo to leave the channel so the officers can see who still needs assistance.

With the new UMAMI system, you can view the Ventrilo information when you are logged in. The officers typically should feel free to join any channel that is not marked as "DND" (do not disturb) without an invitation or even a purpose.

After Joining

Use the guild forums. Don't let the naming fool you, we decided long ago that we wouldn't want to leave all the lovely people in the forums that spawned us to create an AIE-only forum. This is where the important stuff with regards to the guild actually happens.

If you are interested in finding a group to level with, check the Questing section of our WoW game information, or make your own Leveling Group!

How To Get Help

If you have a problem, the quickest and surest way to get the attention of all the officers is to send e-mail to We love to hear comments, questions, and even criticisms via e-mail.