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Congratulations, you have somehow stumbled upon my user page, despite me not linking it or telling anyone it exists.


Drewson Houten - EVE Online. Gallente Pilot. N'er-do-well.
Hootenheimer - World of Warcraft. 90 Goblin Arcane Mage. I should really race change him to an orc or panda.
Hout - World of Warcraft. 80-something Blood Elf Protection/Retribution Paladin. I should really play this toon more often.
Hootstock - World of Warcraft. Troll Hunter. Probably still level 12.

Real Life

Hoots hails from the great state of Wisconsin, and as such he is constantly surrounded by people who really like football, funny-looking cheese hats, and 10 feet of snow. Several friends started calling him "Hoots" after failing to properly pronounce his last name, and the nickname eventually stuck. All his characters are generally some terrible or fantastical play off that nickname, and Hoots himself would be the first to admit he isn't terribly creative in coming up with names for characters.

In his spare time, Hoots is usually squinting at the EVE Online skill queue or debating to re-do Loremaster on Hootenheimer (despite system-wide achievements in WoW). Otherwise, Hoots enjoys reading, hiking, and other fantastically nerdy hobbies such as being ultra-competitive at Settlers of Catan and occasionally running a GURPS game for friends.

He is also an accomplished ninja and skydives from the moon every morning.