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Greetings all;

I have spent the last decade in the company of the awesome folks of the Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community, and six years as an officer.

I'm an IT Engineer, scribbler of arts, and gamer, but foremost the father of two awesome children.


I float through many of the games we're involved with as a community. Currently, I am an officer in our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company.

The AIE Gaming Community is always jumping into new games as they present themselves. I have been spending a good deal of time following these games very closely:


Drop by our AIE Discord server and chat!

I'm always reading the Community Portal site (Hey, we have a portal?! Yes, yes we do!) forums and live in the Imperium Lūdī mostly.

I do not watch much television beyond what you might find on the Disney channel or PBS Kids. However, when it's just me I enjoy watching those whacky Netflix originals, and staying current with the gaming community.

There's also Wacom Intuous 4 that needs the dust knocked off it then I'll be getting back into some design and art work.

Tag Line

Be well.


Email / Gchat
thedurus at that place
BattleNet ID