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Planning your character

[| EVEMon(PC)]

[| MacEVETools(mac)]

Fitting your ship

[| EFT(pc)](yes the forum link is correct.I use the program personally its safe :) for those paranoid people :P )

[| Pyfa(mac/pc)]

Tracking your assets, wallet, market orders, etc:

[| JEVEAsset(multiplatform,java)]

Excellent Websites

[| EVE Uni Wiki] (again, the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of guides available):[| EVE Uni Wiki]

[| EVE Universal Careers 101] I post this because it explains "most" of the things you can do in eve online . Eve is a game where you specialize and do what you enjoy. Your specialization could be anything from scammer to market trader to pirate to exploration expert....enjoy the game your way

[EVElopedia] (another source for guides; anytime you want to learn how something works, this and E-Uni should be your first two stops):

[| Broski Visual Guides] (30 amusing and useful guides to a collection of game mechanics) WARNING: broski is a corp based from 4chan...the machanics in the guides are sound but expect 4chan style humor view at your own risk

[| EVE Central] (excellent price comparison tool between systems and regions):

[| EVE Marketeer] (lots of interesting trading related tools):

[| DOTLAN] (best maps, bar none):

[| Ombey's 2d EVE Maps] (more maps, also includes a map of how all the regions are connected, which DOTLAN does not have) (On the right, click "Download," then click "Jump to Universe Map" on the first page of the PDF)