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What is UMAMI?

UMAMI is the Universal Multi-game AIE Membership Interface. It is the unified system for applying to join any game organization (guild, corp, etc.) under the Alea Iacta Est umbrella.

UMAMI currently allows you to do the following.

  • Submit a new application to join an in-game organization.
  • Check on the status of an application you've submitted.

We are also planning to add the following functions to UMAMI within the near future.

  • Create accounts and manage passwords for services like the Wiki and Jabber.
  • Join mailing lists.
  • Submit help requests.

I'm new to AIE, how do I sign up?

To sign up for AIE, first register your login name. With this, you can submit an application to any game AIE has a domain in.

After you've logged in to UMAMI (upper right hand corner), to go APPLY NOW and select the game you want to join. Click NEW APPLICATION and fill out the form there.

You should receive a response within 1-2 days! If you have filled out an app and did not get a response after this time, feel free to log in and contact an officer.

I'm an existing AIE member, how do I sign up?

If you joined an AIE division (read: GERP status) before it had UMAMI support, you will need to register a login if you do not have one already.

If you applied using one of our old application systems, you probably have a login in UMAMI. The login IDs were generated automatically using the name of one of your characters or hints that you may have provided when we solicited login names prior to the introduction of UMAMI.

Help, I forgot my login/password!

If you do not know your login ID or forgot your password, you can use the password reset form to remedy the situation.

If we don't have a login for you, just create a new one and send e-mail to the officers to let us know your new ID and the names of some of your other characters so we can get them associated to your new ID.


Send e-mail to the officers to have your login ID, e-mail address, or any character names changed or fixed.

Reporting Problems

If you have a problem, please send e-mail to the officers or open a trouble ticket on our support site. Do not put any personal or sensitive information in a trouble ticket, the tickets are publicly viewable.