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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

Welcome AIE

Hello AIE and welcome to this edition of the not-so-famous but working on it UI Clinic. I am your host Bouvi and today we are going to talk about the underdog addons. There's no need to fear the UI Clinic is here. That was over the top wasn't it? Well anyway the underdog addons are those smaller addons that serve tiny but useful functions. So grab your patient chart and we will get started.


Lets start off with VendorBait. It is a small addon whos only purpose is to show you the highest value quest reward item. I know when I finish a quest and the item is not an upgrade I spend time looking for which one will net me the most gold from a vendor. Now I do not have to think about it. VendorBait hi-lites the item so it is just a quick click away.


ImprovedMerchant takes the multi-page vendors and knocks it down to one scrollable list. I don't know about you but I hate going to a vendor knowing what I need is on page 4. This puts everything on one list. No more page turning! It even has a filter feature where you can show only trainable, usable, etc.


Like it's GPS counterpart TomTom is one of the best navigational tools in WoW. How many times have you been reading wowhead or another info site and they give you two number like 17, 48 as a waypoint. TomTom to the rescue. Just type /way 17 48 and behold an arrow pointing the way. Including how far it is and approximately how long it will take you to get there.


Shift-click your way to quick buying with BuyEmAll. Say I want 5000 bullets, it would take me forever doing it Blizzards way. With BuyEmAll I just shift-click the item I want and put in the number. Boom 5000 bullets in no time flat. No more will my finger wear a crease in my mouse when buying ammo.


Holy cow I was in a raid and we took down Thorim but who will believe me? Everyone will because multi-shot automatically took a screenshot when the boss went down. Now when I down a boss, gain and achievement or level up I will have a nice visual record and can savior the accomplishment for the rest of my days.

Time's Up

That's all the time we have today. As always you can reach me in-game on Bouvi (B-O-U-V-I) or e-mail me at bouvi@uiclinic.com. Until next time remember the default UI was nice in it's day but so was the 8-Track Tape.