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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

Favorite Mods

Hello AIE and welcome to this edition of the UI Clinic. I am your host Bouvi. This segment I once again braved the forums and asked you what your favorite mods were. There were so many this time I had to choose just a few. Check the show notes at UI Clinic.com for a link to the forum http://forum.myextralife.com/showthread.php?t=24285 so you can read them all. Just like the last time I want to apologize ahead of time if I slaughter your character name.


Lets start with a leveling guide. Pelell uses Jame's Leveling Guide in conjunction with Horde Tour guild and says this about them: "I am using it to level my priest and it has been awesome! Currently in Outland, as of last night. It skips instances for the most part, and is pretty straight-forward and easy to use. I also use Carbonite as well."


Shaderr says Opie is their absolute favorite. "My absolute favorite add on in the game by far is Opie. This was one of those game changing add ons for me, like DMB, but the opposite where as DBM is necessary, IMnsHO, to survive many encounters, Opie just helped me to really clean up my action bars and made the game more enjoyable for me. In speaking with Mr. Deluxe he had mentioned that he uses it for utility abilities and such (him being a priest I could see the clear logic in this), but I use mine for all my attacks that I don't wish to have a /mouseover macro for."


Zewt says and I quote "When I logged on after being off for a while and my ArkInventory was gone, I logged immediately out. I cannot function without it."


Kerstolf has this to say about healbot. "Really easy to use, does everything that I could possiblly want it to and make my job pretty easy. Some people will knock it for something like grid+clique, but it works right out of the figurative box, and configuring it isn't an endless process, so I can spend more time playing the game than messing with addons."


Wow Instant Messanger for Mackathron, listen to this, "As a member of AIE, I really like having WoW Instant Messenger. Everyone knows how out of control our green wall of text can get sometimes, so it's very nice to be able to pull the whispers out of that chat window." And our own ZekeTheSquirrel is on the developer team for this.


Shojobeat chimes in with "Decursive. Why? Because I can dispell and abolish diseases w/o actually having to target the person with the effect. When I hear a 'boom' I click on a little box and *POOF* gone. While I'm targeting the tank the whole time"


Secondaid praises Grid "I'm a healer, you see, and Grid plus several macros with the [target=mouseover] option make healing a breeze. I just mouseover the grid frame of the person needing heals and mash the hael butan of my choice. Grid also replaces Decursive for me by showing me a debuff icon (and providing a bell sound) when someone needs a magic or disease cleaning. Then it's the same deal- mouse over to them and mash dispel as needed. And, since all of my heals are based on mouseover targeting, I can set my main target to the boss and cast Smite when I'm bored. Holy DPS FTW!


Zakirsh talks about MyRolePlay. "In my opinion it's the best out of all the available RP flagging mods, and it allows you to add in a lot of detail. It also allows you to upload a back story if you want to, though that's usually a bad idea for RPing, as most people don't care."


PunkRockWarlock "is rather amazed that no one has mentioned Altaholic yet. For someone that plays as many alts as I do, it has pretty much everything you need in one spot...all of your other character's inventories and equipment, how much gold each one has, rested XP %, mail timers...I'd be very lost without it and kinda wonder how I did as well as I did before using it."


Looking for a rare NPC? ralff has just the addon "I have lots of mods that others have mentioned, and many are indispensible. But, I have a new fun one: NPCScan. It will popup an achievement looking thing when you are near a rare mob for an achievement. Great to have on when farming herbs or ore, or just in general. I have killed 5 rares since I got it last week."


Thornhip says "It's not the big thing I like from an add-on, it's all the small things, for that I'd have to say Minimalist is my favorite add-on. It automates several things, fixes a few UI annoyances, ect. But without it I'd probably be to annoyed with the game to log on."


Blankenship is a druid with an addon attitude "Squawk and Awe is far and away my favorite addon. It's a boomkin addon and will show you the dots you have up on the boss, if Improved Faerie Fire is active on the boss whether it was cast by you or another boomkin, which eclipse proc is active or if eclipse is on CD, the time remaining until you can cast treants, innervate, or starfall again, and trinket procs. It makes keeping the boomkin rotation going a breeze while maximizing dot uptimes."


Our last addon comes from Sorvantis.  :This is kind of a dumb addon. It's nothing fancy, but it cracks me up everytime! Benny Images Show. It will play the Benny Hills theme song whenever a mage calls for his mirror images or when a deathknight calls for army of the dead. The in-game effect is hillarious!!!"

Old Man Franks

Old Man Franks had this to say, "Well, asking for one favorite addon overall is kind of a tough sell, Bouv. I mean I've got favorite addons for various situations, it's gonna be hard to pick just one."

Time's Up

Thanks to all of AIE who contributed to this. I wish I could have mentioned them all but just not enough time. Remember you can reach me anytime I am in-game on Bouvi (B O U V I) or e-mail me at bouvi@uiclinic.com. You can find links on the show notes at uiclinic.com.

Well that's it for this edition of the UI Clinic. Thank ye for visitin us today. Ya'll come back now ye hear?