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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

Oh Noes the Patch!

Hello and welcome to this edition of the UI Clinic, I am your host Bouvi.

Well looks like you are ready so lets grab the patient chart and get started

Updating Addons

First I wanted to talk about patches and addons. Recently we had a patch and of course some of our beloved addons broke down. There are many ways to get addons. I personally am a fan of manually updating my addons. Currently I am running 137 addons. How can I stand to update that many you may ask? I don't, I only update what doesn't work. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is my motto. I know some of you might like these auto updaters and that is fine if it works for you, but I want control. Unless it is patch day or the addon breaks for some reasonI usually just check to see how updates affect others before getting it. I tried going to auto route and it was nice until I started having addon issues because the update was not quite right which caused me to break an addon that was working great. So I had to go back and grab the previous version which the saved variable may or may not work with. It was a hassle so I just went to manual. During the last patch I might have updated 10 of mine. The rest worked so I did not bother.

Rating Buster

One of the most invaluable addons I have found is Rating Buster. I was never really good at figuring out which gear was an upgrade especially when the stats were fairly close. With Rating buster it shows in the item tool tip a breakdown of what that gear has over the other. Gray 0 means nothing a +green number means that area is stronger and -red number means you lose out on that stat. For example I roll over an item and it shows that in health I will increase by 690 and Ranged Hit Chance will got up .49% however my mana loses 483, my ranged attack power goes down by 163 and my ranged crit goes down by 1.10%. So as you can see at a glance I can determine easily what will benefit me and what I need to pass on.


I have gotten a couple of questions about some of the addons featured on my past segments so I would thought I would answer those in case others have the same issues.

On RicoMiniMap my calendar button is missing. To get the calendar back just right click on the minimap and select the option to Show Time Button. You should see the Calendar pop back up.

In Power Auras I want it to tell me something is ready but do not want it to stay on the screen the whole time. You can control how long the icons you create remain on the screen. In the effect editor, that you get to by right clicking on one of the auras you created, there is an animation tab. In that tab you see Anim. Duration. Set it to 0 for the icon to remain up, if for example like me you want it there until you cast that shot or give it a time to go away. You can set it to disappear anywhere from 0 to 30 seconds.

Another Power Aura question is I have a debuff I put on a mob. How can I tell when it runs out? I will use Serpent Sting as an example. In the effect Editor I set Activation by to Debuff and type Serpent Sting below that. Then I check the Enemy Target checkbox. This tells power aura to watch the mob I have targeted and when my debuff fades from mob my icon pops up letting me know to fire another one off.

Time's Up

Well that is all the time we have for this segment. Feel free to contact me in or out of game for help with your UI issues. In-game just give a shout to Bouvi (B - O - U - V - I) or send an e-mail to ui@bouvi.com. Until next time this is Bouvi with the UI clinic. Remember addons are your friend treat them nice and they will treat you wonderfully.