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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

AIE Addons

Hello and welcome to this edition of UI Clinic, I am your host Bouvi.

This segment we will be discussing the recommended addons of AIE. There are some wonderful gems in here so lets get started.


First up we have auctioneer. If you use the AH at all this is what you need. It allows you to really take control the the AH economy buy showing you costs in a new way. It will show you what items are above market value and which ones are below. Batch post to the AH or take your time and make sure you are undercutting the rest of the competition out there. The entire suite comes packed with all kinds of addons that give you as much information about the item you are going to put up or if it is better off just to vendor it or give it away. While auctioneer is very powerful it can be a resource hog. Couple of options for you. One is auctionlite which is more limited than auctioneer but might provide everything you need. Another option is to create an AH alt that you mail everything too and only turn on Auctioneer for that alt. Either way you go knowing more about the AH can make you a tidy sum of gold with very little work.


Next up we have GuildCraft. In a guild as large as AIE you never know who can do what. This is where this gem comes in handy. Guild Craft shows you what people in the guild can craft. Now there are two ways to get this info. One if they have the addon you are set or two you have to import their profession. Here is an excerpt form the authors description. The Main Browser shows by profession, with the listing off to the left hand side. All Bind on Pick up items are automatically filtered out. The Main area shows you who can craft the item, as well as displays the information about the item. The information displayed is in fact the enchant tooltip ( or Crafting Tooltip as if you had linked the item to someone from the tradeskill window). Also shows if they are online / off line or not in your current guild. As you can see this is a wonderful addon for a guild of AIEs size as you will have the crafting info you need at your fingertips. Hey I could use an Icestriker's Cloak let see who can make that... Hey Wyndgem is on and he can. Now all I have to do is gather the mats and ask Wyndgem if he will make it for me.


Do you raid? Do you like to group? Do you hate it when you pull aggro off the tank? Omen can help. Omen is a threat meter that makes all those tanks out there like Kukui and Zerbious happy campers. Nothing worse than some hunter, like Bouvi to pull the boss off the tanks. Thankfully this has not happened yet because one they are awesome tanks and two I have omen. I can watch the meters so I know when I am getting close to overtaking their threat. There are few ways you can set omen to diplay and give you warnings. If you are DPS of any kind you need this if you raid or group. Nothing worse than causing the entire raid to wipe but with Omen and keeping your DPSer under control it won't happen.


Last up we have something made just for AIE guild members. In a guild as large as AIE finding a group within the wall of green can be daunting at time. aieCallToArms to the rescue. You can use it to look for a group, tell everyone else you are looking for a group or just be nosey as to what groups are forming. I am amazed more people do not use this gem of an addon. It sits right on your minimap and lets you know via a number in the icon how many people are looking for groups or how many group are looking for people to fill roles. I have gotten in many a good group this way. Set up the group the way you want it and let aieCallToArms do the advertising for you.

Time's Up

That's it for this edition of the UI Clinic. Show notes can be found at uiclinic.com. Coming soon to uiclinic.com will be instructions for getting the best out of addons like arkinventory, pitbull and others. If you have any questions just find me in-game with a tell or mail to Bouvi thats B O U V I or e-mail me at bouvi@uiclinic.com. Till next time remember a ui is only as good as you want it to be.