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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

Bags, Bars & Buttons

Hello and welcome back to another UI Clinic segment (yes I know it is only the 2nd one but that still makes it another one).

OK lets grab our patient chart and get started.

Titan Panel, Fubar and Data Broker

First up today lets talk about information. How many times have you wanted to know things like gold, experience, durability, ammo, time, FPS, coordinates, mail, quests, friends, guildies and more! Do you want this information without opening a ton of windows? Then let me write a prescription for a data mod. There are a few out there like Titan Panel, Fubar and Data Broker. What do they do you ask? They allow you to put small bars on your UI that contain any information you want. Once you get the bars you populate them with individual addons designed to display the info you want. Just download the ones you want, ignore the ones you do not. These are very handy for giving you the information with just a glance. Why search for it when it can be displayed right there for instant gratification?


Efficiency is the name of the game with any good UI. As I mentioned in the last segment Bartender can give you up to 120 buttons. But wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the number of buttons needed? I can hear you know. I am a mage, I have portals, spells, buffs, etc. And don’t get me started with a hunter or shaman they need buttons. Autobar is what you need. Imagine it auto populating buttons that popup. Get a health potion and it puts it in place automatically, same with mana, food, drink, bandages, quest items and of course much more. It puts all those portals into one button that pops up. Right click and you get a portal, left click and you have a teleport. Same with hunter traps, shaman totems or anything that would be class specific like this. Best thing you can customize it to do what you want. If you want to clean up your UI Autobar is one way to do it efficiently.


Bags, bags and more bags. How much screen does it take up when you are at the bank and have all your bags open too. It is crazy. Takes forever to find anything. Well to fight the flood of bags you need to get the Ark. Arkinventory that is. Right now I am the skinning captain for the craft fair and let me tell you Arkinventory is a must have. Not only does it combine all your bags into one window but you can auto sort by name. So all the leather, skin and scales I have are in alphabetical order and groups so I can find it easier. But that is not all. I have mine set to auto sort ammo, potions, quest items, buff food and trash into separate areas of the window which makes it easy to see the important stuff and find quickly. Yes it is all about speed, the faster I can do something the more I can play the game. Say I do not have it sorted or I am just lazy and want to find an item like Jewel Tipped Cane or something just as important. What do I do since there are a few items out there that share the same name. I search. ArkInventory has a super search feature. Start typing the name of the item you want and it starts blacking out anything that does not match. So you can quickly find what you are looking for. No muss, no fuss, quick, easy and simple.

As I mentioned last time, all of these addons have other versions. You might find a better bag mod that fits your needs, or a data mod that works better for you.

Time's Up

That is all the time we have for this week. If you have questions about these addons or any addon feel free to e-mail me at bouvi@uiclinic.com. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact me in game on Bouvi. Remember friends do not let friends use the basic UI. See you next time on UI Clinic.