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The UI Clinic is a series of segments created by Bouvi for The AIE Podcast which help you turn your back on the default UI and create a UI to be proud of.

Welcome AIE

Hello AIE and welcome to this edition of the UI Clinic. I am your host Bouvi. For this segment we will be going in-depth ... ummmm. we will be going in-depth. Ok who is playing that? Anyway we will take a longer look at power auras.

Grab that patient charts and lets get started.

Power Auras

To begin we have to type in /powa to pull up the control panel. I am going to talk about some various hunter auras I use and you can configure it to your own.

OK lets start off with one a few toons can use. I love to know when my Mana is getting low. Here are my settings for this. I turned off Glow and chose texture 1 turning it blue with 80% opacity. Made it size 76% and set it at X 0 and y -30 This puts it right in a nice frame around my character. I set the Activation by to Mana and set the Threshold to 20% Then I X out Resting, Mounted and InVehicle. I check Alive, Spec1 and Spec2. So when my Mana hits 20% this pops up on my screen as a nice quick reminder to activate my Aspect of the Viper.

Next lets talk about Aspect of the Viper. I do not want to forget I have it on after my mana is back to full so I set up another texture to stay on when I have this Aspect on.

This time I left the Glow checked and chose Texture 5, white with an opacity of 40%. Size at 100% and same positions as the mana one. 0 and -30. I set Activation by: Buff and type Aspect of the Viper in the box below that. I check ignore uppercast in case I have the case wrong. I check Cast by me, Alive and both specs. I X out Resting, Mounted and InVehicle. Now if I have aspect of the viper on I have a visual clue to remind me to turn it off. You could also set one to replace it when your mana is 100% just copy it and have it turn blue or another color upon mana getting full.

Got to keep Serpent Sting on the mob. Do do that I have power aura check the mob to see if the debuff is on it. If not is shows a texture above my head. I set Glow on this, texture 7, white with an opacity of 75%. Size is 76% and the Position is X 13 and Y 62. Activation by is set to Debuff with Serpent Sting put in the box below that. I once again check Ignore uppercase and I also check Invert (makes it show when not active), InCombat, Alive, Enemy Target and both specs. I again X out Resting, Mounted and In Vehicle.

So I have my mana up and my serpent sting is staying on the mob. Now to help with my rotation I want an aura to appear if one of my shots is on cooldown. Here is how I set up Kill Shot. Now for Kill Shot I want it off to my right and a big Skull and Crossbones. I turn off Glow, set the texture to 10, color it red (for blood of course), set the opacity to 70%, size it to 76% and position it X 190 and Y 30. Perfect place to get my attention. Then I set Activation by: Action Usable and type Kill Shot in the box below. Now once again the ole Ignore uppercase comes into play. I also check In Combat because I do not want it to show while I am just hanging out. Check Alive (kind of important to be alive to fire the shot) and lets just say I do not have this ability on my other spec (I do but for arguments sake say I do not) then I would just check the Spec I want to use it on. Again X out Resting, Mounted and In Vehicle.

As you can see you have a ton of things to choose from. Play around with the settings, find the ones you like and just experiment to your hearts content. You can set things like Animation, Sound, Timers and Stacks. I really have not messed with any of those as the above work super great for my hunter shot rotation.

Time's Up

That is all the time we have. Don't forget you can reach me in-game on Bouvi or any of my Bouva alts, you can e-mail me at bouvi@uiclinic.com, check out the website at uiclinic.com with links to thUntil next time r show notes on the AIE Wiki and now you can find us on twitter at uiclinic. Remember addons are good, standing in front of dragons and on pretty shiny things on the ground is bad. Now what if you had an addon to tell you to quit doing those things? See you all next time on the UI Clinic.