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Frequently Asked Questions for The Secret World

AIE in The Secret World

How do I join AIE?

In order to join AIE you first have to fill out an application for TSW using UMAMI. UMAMI is how the AIE lords and masters keep us all organized. With thousands of members spread out across several games, UMAMI is a little piece of database magic that helps keep the powers the be sane.

I got my email accepting me, what do I do now?

After you get your email from UMAMI accepting you into the community you'll need to join the AIELFO chat inside the Secret World. This can be done by typing /chat join AIELFO in the chat window. If no officers are present, just give us time and we will be, just give us time.

Which faction is AIE in the Secret World?

AIE is proud to say that we represent all factions in the Secret World. Whether you are an Illuminati, a Templar, or a Dragon, you have a place in the AIE:TSW community!

What server is AIE based on?

Funcom and the Secret World have done things a little different with The Secret World. Server seems to only matter if you intend to be heavily into PVP, and even then it only effects Fusang, which is a PVP battleground that never ends. In short(too late) we do not have a specific server we call home, although most of our officers are on Arcadia.

General TSW Questions

What is this Crafting and how does it work?

Crafting in The Secret World is a bit different then other games that AIE is familiar with. The best way to describe crafting is The Secret World is to let people who know it better do it. The guys over at Ten Ton Hammer have an amazing Guide

Help me I'm stuck on this mission!?

While we won't directly give you the answers to any of the well thought out missions The Secret World has to offer, we will point you to a site that could help you. Unfair is one of the most used and beloved of the Secret World community. Also in game you can use the Mission Hints chat.

More Questions coming soon as you ask them!

You can ask away over at our AIE forums!