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Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to Tarnish for winning!

Welcome and thanks for participating in the first AIE: The Secret World Secret Hunt. We’ve compiled a list of 75 Secrets from the world’s most esoteric cabals. Using the clues provided, your mission is to acquire proof for as many of these Secrets as possible. However, not all secrets are equal. Some are more terrible than others. Some are more dangerous. Others will confound the sanity of the most tested agent. Therefore, each secret has been assigned a point value based on its difficulty to acquire. The agent who accumulates the most points wins.
For many of these secrets, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of Solomon Island, New York, London, and Seoul. You’ll be tested on your familiarity with local troubles, the denizens of the filth, and the operating procedures of the secret societies. You’ll also be tested on your abilities to conduct research and solve problems. While utilizing technology is perfectly acceptable, this is not a team sport. You are not to give hints, share information, or divulge any information regarding the secrets except to The Secret Chiefs. Once the competition is over, scores and solutions will be posted in the forums.
To earn credit for discovering Secrets, it’s suggested that you utilize an image hosting site, suchas Flickr or Photobucket. At any time throughout the competition, you can send The Secret Chiefs a link to your evidence, and points will be rewarded and recorded based on your success in discovering Secrets. You can submit evidence as often you like, but you will receive credit only once per Secret. When the contest ends, all submissions prior to the deadline will be adjudicated and tallied for a final score. Winning participants will be contacted, followed by a posting of results in the AIE forums.
This contest runs from the date of this post until 11:59 PM Central Time, August 19th, 2012.
Please send your submissions (links only, please don’t email screenshots) to: AIE Officers