TSW:Cross-Faction Cabal Chat and Recommended Settings

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Cross-Faction Cabal Chat

Now that you are a member of AIE:TSW, you will want to know how to access our cross-faction cabal chat channel. There are three ways of doing this:

  • Use the AIE Chat Auto-Login script. This is the recommended method for most members, as it will quickly and easily eliminate the hassle of having to manually join the channel each time you log in to the game. All you need to do is download the zip file and extract it to your Funcom\The Secret World folder. If you are already in The Secret World, you will need to exit the game completely and log in again before the script will work. From this point forward, you will automatically join the AIE chat channel every time you play.
  • If you are not comfortable with the above process for any reason, it is still possible to join AIE chat manually. Each time you log in to the game you will need to enter /chat join AIE into your chat bar. We ask that if you choose to use this method, please capitalize AIE. If you enter /chat join aie, you will likely trigger a bug that will require you to delete and recreate your custom chat tab (if you use one). Beyond this, if you are the first person to enter the channel for the day, the bug will affect everyone else who joins the channel after you, so please be mindful of this.
  • If you are experienced with scripting, you can create the script yourself. Simply create a new document using Notepad in your Funcom\The Secret World\Scripts folder. Save the file as auto_login and ensure the text file is saved without an extension. If it is named auto_login.txt the script will not work. Now, enter the following lines exactly as stated, preferably by copying and pasting. Capitalization is very important.
delay 5000
/chat join AIE
/ch #AIE
/chat list AIE

Recommended Chat Settings

We strongly recommend that you create a new tab for both AIE and AIELFO. Since all the chat text is white, it is very easy to miss the chat as it scrolls by in the General tab, especially for new members looking for a Cabal invite in AIELFO. The tabs will turn red when there is a new message waiting for you there, and messages you enter into the tab will automatically go to that channel.

To create chat tabs, after you have joined the AIE and/or AIELFO channel using any of the above methods, click the + sign in the upper right corner of your chat box and select the name of the channel you wish to create a tab for. That's it!