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We're on Steam! Valve's platform is a great way to hang out and play with guild members outside of the games with officially-sanctioned AIE guilds.

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You can easily join the group by going to the group's page and clicking "Join" in the top-right corner.

Team Fortress 2 server

Come play with AIE members on our TF2 server!

Server details:

IP address:

The server is public. You can join the server one of two ways:

  1. Copy+paste steam://connect/ into your browser and press enter. This will auto-open Steam and Team Fortress 2. It will then automatically connect you to the server.
  2. or

  3. Inside TF2 on the main menu, click "Browse Servers", click the "Favorites" tab at the top, click "Add a Server" at the bottom, copy+paste or type into the blank field, then click "Add this address to favorites".

If you have any suggestions about the server, like plugins or maps, please contact Lanctharus.

Please note the rules:

  • Do not be a dick!
  • No pornographic sprays - This will get you banned from the server and may affect your membership within the gaming communities.
  • No cheating
  • The rules can and will change to adapt to new situations
  • You must PUSH lee-til cart!
  • Spies should be cursed by a fury more intense than the light of a thousand suns!