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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Welcome to AIE in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  You can find us playing on Jedi Covenant in an AIE guild on both the Republic and Imperial sides. (Empire guild is Alea Iacta Est Timor and our Republic guild is Alea Iacta Est Pax.)

Our Guild

For a little background on who AIE in SWTOR is, you can check us out in our forums or in Discord, which is our main communication tool for chat and voice. Guild news and discussion comes up on our SWTOR Escape Pod Cast as well on iTunes, YouTube, and live on Twitch on Tuesday nights around 10:30pm central:

Our Forums
SWTOR Escape Pod Cast

As you can see on this site, we are part of the greater Alea Iacta Est community that spans a number of games.  Once you are a part of the AIE community, you will be able to find other AIEers in any of our active games and check out expeditions into new games on a regular basis. We don't have many rules, but do require our members to treat each other with respect; we endeavor to create a culture where everyone can have fun and feel welcome.  The tenants of our culture are outlined in our policies here.

How To Join

Step 1
In game, /cjoin aielfo and request an invite as a new citizen member!

If you don't find an officer online on either of the factions you can always check in on Discord and see when next we'll be on. See the details below on getting the up to date discord invite link.

New Members

Once you’ve gotten your initial invitation and know that AIE is a good fit, you’ll want to work through a few additional steps to get full access to all the tools and services our guild has to offer. We recommend working down this checklist in your first few days:

  • Make a note of your UMAMI login information as you will need it in future.
  • UMAMI is where you’ll drop in a quick application for any character in any AIE game
  • Once you register, you’ll also find the most current Discord information and invite link on the front page. Discord is the main out of game chat and voice tool. It's a great place to chat across factions and see notes on guild activity.
  • UMAMI can also show you the full list of officer characters for the guild at https://umami.aie-universal.net/game/swtor/mgmt/
  • With an application in for each character you’ll want to add to the guild you can ask again in "/cjoin aielfo" and we’ll get you promoted to the regular guild ranks with access to the guild bank, etc.