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What server are we playing on? Deepwood (We were on Shadefallen, but moved servers at the beginning of 2012.)

Which side are we playing on? We are Defiants.

What's the guild name? alea iacta est

How can I contact the officers? Send e-mail to officers@aie-telara.org.

Who's eligible to join?

  • If you're a member of AIE in WoW or EVE or SWTOR, come on by- we're keeping the light on for ya.
  • Also, if you're not even a member of AIE yet, but would like to join us anyway- we'd love to have you! The only thing we ask is that you have an account here at the ExtraLife forums.
  • We ask that you be at least level 6 and have left Terminus before filling out the application and joining us.

How do I join?

  • Register with the AIE gaming community's UMAMI application.
  • Once registered, you may submit an application for Rift. After you have been accepted, /join aielfo to ask for an available officer to invite you.
  • Typically, the best time to catch an officer online is evenings, after 9:00 Eastern time.

What's the rules? There's gotta be rules, right?

  • We are keeping basically the same rules as AIE in WoW. Here's the high points:
  • No cursing. Keep guild chat at least PG-13.
  • No memes/Charlie Sheen/He Who Shall Not Be Named, But Played The Title Role In Walker:Texas Ranger/etc. That sort of stuff grinds my gears.
  • Capital letters begin sentences and proper nouns. They are not CRUISE CONTROL FOR AWESOME.
  • If you want more details, check the full write-up of AIE policies.

Who's running this show?

  • Xiaxian (Shasu/Cerena/Gypsygirl) is our GM. In addition to many toons & build, she has about every profession covered, so bug her for stuff.
  • Some other officers are: Ralff, FatalBeauty, StupidGenius
  • All officers have invite privileges--we'd be delighted to have you along!