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Farstrider Reinyan
Hero of the Mag'Har
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Reinyan is a Blood Elf Hunter, prospective Farstrider, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est

Character History

Reinyan was born in Silvermoon city, the son of a successful Bowyer and a Maid. During his childhood years, Reinyan spent much time in his father's shop, learning the secrets of his family's trade and hearing stories of the brave elves of the Farstriders. These stories helped to cement an affinity for the Farstriders, an affinity that was only bolstered by the opportunities to meet them in person (including the Ranger-General Sylvanas herself). In his later childhood, Reinyan vowed that he too would one day lead the great order for the glory of his people.

At the birthday of his ascension into manhood, Reinyan received 2 gifts from his father. The first, was a custom bow, crafted by his father especially for his height, arm span, and strength. The second gift was a lesson from an actual ranger of the Farstrider order, Ranger Sylar, a friend of the family. Sylar wished to instruct Reinyan in the proper usage of his bow, but before he would begin his instruction, he required Reinyan to make the following oath:

“The bow is an extension of the body. It does what is commanded of it; no more, no less. It is important to understand that, like knowledge and passion, this weapon carries with it the responsibility of patient, wise, and proper use. You must swear to me that you will use this only when needed, when absolutely needed, and with the respect it deserves.”

Reinyan went on to learn under Sylar for another half of a year, before the Scourge would make their way through Quel'Thalas, bound for the Sunwell. During the Scourge invasion, Reinyan's mother fled with him and his sister onboard elven ships, while Reinyan's father stayed to help defend Silvermoon along with the remaining elven forces. The elven boats sailed to the south, anchoring far off the coast of Khaz Modan and awaiting news from home. After several long weeks, the boats set sail for Quel'Thalas, not sure of what they would find.

Reinyan watched the next several years take turns he never thought his people would. Retaking Silvermoon City and Sunstrider Isle was difficult, and to their great horror, the Sunwell was lost. The Farstriders were almost shattered, due to large losses in the fight with the Scourge. The Alliance all but turned their back on the elves, eventually vilifying their leader and forcing him to flee through the Dark Portal. Once contact was reestablished, compromises began to take hold. The captured Naaru Mu'ru was brought into the city and tucking into a dark corner of the city. A new class of defenders, the Blood Knights, began appearing, carrying with them the foul stench of stolen magics.

Reinyan had seen enough. If his people would not lead themselves out of their own myopic panicked delusions and quick fixes, then he would have to. Unsure of where to start, Reinyan set out for the Farstrider enclave. At the Enclave, Reinyan spent a solid week reading the books and tapestries written by past members of the Farstriders. Finally understanding what he needed to do, he set off for Sunstrider Isle to train, and then set off to parts unknown.

One day he's vowed to return, to lead his people ahead into a new rebirth.

Guiding Philosophy

“Knowledge is the first step to true freedom, but carries with it the responsibility to balance its acquisition and exercise. With patience, we naturally learn that which we need to use; but with impatience, we learn too much. Nature can correct these oversights, but Nature’s lessons are seldom painless. So with that in mind, seek knowledge as your heart commands, but seek no more than you need to live, and you will always be in balance with the world around you.“

Connections to other Characters

  • Denalian - Denalian has communicated with Reinyan on many occasions. Although Reinyan never knew Denalian in life (Reinyan is much younger), the two have learned much from each other on leadership and the prices it comes with.
  • Raajin - Reinyan communicates frequently by letter to Raajin, whom he once met along the Gold Road in the Barrens. The two speak often of Balance, the true cost of one's actions, and the nature of true wisdom.
  • Dushota - During his stays at Thunder Bluff, Reinyan got to know the Featherhoof clan. These simple but proud warriors of the Tauren came to symbolize a simpler life and set of values for Reinyan to learn from. The youngest of the Clan, Dushota, was in preparation to take his place as a contributing member of his tribe. Reinyan, as an honorary member of the family, is tasked with keeping watch over Dushota, and helping in whatever way possible with his growth... a task that Reinyan takes very seriously.


Throughout his travels, Reinyan has met, trained, and traveled with many animal companions. The following excerpts are from his journals, depicting the discovery and association of each animal companion.


Niblet was a Springpaw Tiger I found in my native Eversong Woods. He had a lustrous coat of red hair with a bright yellow mane. In combat, be proved his worth, tearing to shreds any scourge or trolls he found. On the bridge to the place now referred to by my countrymen as The Ghostlands, he turned and looked back, as if sad. It was at that moment that I realized that he would never be happy anywhere else, so I released his collar and said my goodbye.


Nail was one of the Elder Springpaw of the Ghostlands, whom I saw walking too close to the Dead Scar one day. I was able to save him from certain doom at the hands of a scourge, and in return he followed me throughout my time there. I never felt such loyalty from an animal while at the same time feeling so distant. When I left the Ghostlands, after killing Dhar’Kan, I found that Nail had left as well, presumably to return to his home, his deed finished.


Boriel was a Grey Bear that I found and befriended in the rolling farmlands of the Hillsbrad Foothills. We got along alright, him faithfully by my side, leading the charge, but in the end, we just weren’t right for each other. He used to make me laugh, with his perplexed expressions at the fish and cheese I’d give him. In the end, the idea that I’d be taking him inland, away from the rivers teeming with fish and away from the lands he’d known for so long, and so, again, I set him free.


In the forests of Ashenvale, I came across a white wolf that captivated me. I watched him prey on some of the local Shadowhorn Stag, and marveled at how well he maintained his superiority. It took a honorable fight which netted me several scars from his teeth and claws, but in the end, we became the best of friends. Now, some months later, he is my most loyal companion. In battle, he attacks with ferocity and fervor. That combination of confidence, wisdom, and ability help to remind me of my mission, so far from home.

Sadly, Rosencrantz was killed by two Owlbear in the Hinterlands. His body lies buried beneath one of the larger trees in that hilly forest, forever enriching the land around him with his indomitable spirit.


Several weeks after Rosencrantz's death, I came across the ruined troll city of Jintha'Alor. Near the top of the city on the hill, I found that the trolls there had been caging black wolf pups, feeding them next to nothing, and forcing them to fight each other in savage battles while the trolls watched on and cheered in amusement. I waited until nightfall, when most of the troll guards were asleep, and under the cover of darkness, silently walked into town and "released the hounds". Needless to say, the pups did not spare their tormentors any measure of justice. In the end, one pup approached me, and after several minutes of intense staring and growling, submitted to me. I named him Fortinbras, and he traveled with me from then on.


Throughout my travels in Outland, Fortinbras had been at my side. Now through all of that, and with the threat of Arthas and Northrend awaiting, I needed another companion. I stabled Fortinbras with the Mag'Har in Nagrand, and set out to old Azeroth to find a companion to help me in the frozen north. Somewhere north of Kargath, I spotted a beautiful black Bear. I stalked the bear and observed him closely for 2 days, watching his fishing patterns, leadership of the other bears, and even an unfortunate scuffle with a Trogg (unfortunate for the Trogg, not the bear). On my 3rd day of observation, I was surprised when he quickly zeroed in on me and attacked. I ran for higher ground, fearing for my life, when all of the sudden I heard a loud yelp and a bellowing moan of pain. I looked back to see my pursuer trapped in a Dwarven trap. Feeling that this was my chance, I slowly approached and worked to free the bear from its confines. The bear, now freed, looked deeply into my eyes, uttered a short roar, and licked my right cheek. I named him Horatio, the stalwart companion, and set off to the frozen north with him.


(More here later)


(More here later)