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Any AIE member in good standing has access to add content or update content on this wiki. We encourage our members to help us maintain this site as a repository for reference information related to the AIE community and the game divisions within AIE.

We offer these guidelines to help you understand the high-level organization and the design goals of the wiki.

Acceptable Use

There are relatively few restrictions on what you can edit on this site. The few pages that are considered restricted have been protected and can only be edited by officers.

While you edit or add pages, please abide by the Acceptable Use Policy. Remember that the purpose of this wiki is to provide information about AIE or original content created by AIE members. We do not want to reproduce information that is maintained elsewhere.

Namespaces and Categories

Since AIE is involved in a wide variety of MMORPGs that share common concepts and similar activities, we wanted to avoid confusion between the games within a given category. When a member is looking for Rift raiding information, we don't want that member to be able to easily distinguish between information for Rift raiding and WoW raiding.

So, we have added a custom namespace for each game division within AIE. This means that you can have a WOW:Policy page and an EVE:Policy page that reside within the same categories, but which can easily be filtered with advanced search options.

The current custom namepaces are:

 MLG (Minor League Games)

Please do not create or use a category for a game, place the page in the appropriate namespace instead.

When using categories for classifying a page, please do not use category names that include the word "info" or "information". This is a wiki, it's all information.

Must-have Pages

Each game must have a main page named FOO:Main_Page, where FOO is the namespace for the game. This page will be considered the main landing page for a game and should be designed as a starting point for members looking for information about AIE's presence in a game.

Additionally, each game should have a FOO:Welcome page which will serve as a page that will be linked for a new member just joining us in some game. this page should contain links tailored for new members.

Additionally, each game will have some sort of FOO:Charter and FOO:Policy page that will be created during the GERP.

Getting Started

Getting Help