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What is Not in the Face! 25-man?

Not in the Face! has started a new 25-man raiding group in AIE. We strive for a low stress, drama-free raiding experience. The group was formed in August 2009 to tackle the available raids in Northrend. Our team was formed from the NitF! 10-man group along with some old and new friends (long live "Sweep the Leg"). We strive to be on the cutting edge of raid progression without the time commitment of hard-core raiding guilds.

When, What, Where?

I.C.C. / Ruby Sanctum

Tuesday 9:00pm-Midnight

Friday not yet

Sunday 7:00pm-10:00pm

VoA aka free epics

Sunday/Tuesday, if we have W.G. in control

Obsidian Sanctum/Eye of Eternity/Ulduar/ToTC

Tuesday/Sunday alt runs/raid weekly quest


Thursday/Monday 9:05pm - 12:00am (lvl'ing alts, farming, heroics)

PM Servillia if these times won't work for you.

Notes, rules, and other info

  1. Have fun.
  2. Please load Omen and Deadly Boss Mods (or Big Wigs)
  3. Please be on vent, at least to hear the raid leaders.
  4. Please try to be logged on 15 min. prior to scheduled raid times for summons and invites.
  5. Please remember to bring buff food, scrolls/pots, arrows/bullets and be repaired. Helping out with Fish Feasts is always appreciated :)


(08-22-2010) Heroic Blood Princes fall! Heroic Bloodwing complete.

(08-15-2010) Heroic Festergut down for the count!

(08-10-2010) Heroic Saurfang and Heroic Rotface down. Full House achievement acquired!

(08-03-2010) LK finally down! Nice everyone! WooT!

LK-25man 1.jpg

LK-25man 2.jpg

Grats to the special item winners! Manny on the DK mount, Hiki on the tabard, Weege on the Frost Drawf, Eled on the music box, Frisc on the pocket mage portal

(07-25-2010) Halion killed and Ruby Sanctum cleared! Nice everyone, but we forgot the pic :(

(07-20-2010) Shadowmourne acquired! Big thanks to everyone. Without a tremendous group like ours, this would not have been possible. You guys rock! Gala-shadow.jpg

(07-13-2010) Heroic Marrowgar, H-Lootship, and H-Blood Queen all down. H-B.Q. textbook 1-shot!

(04-27-2010) Sindy down! Frostwing Lair clear! Frost Infusion complete! Sindy-25man.jpg

(03-23-2010) WOOT! Blood Queen Lana'thel bites the dust. Two days, 2 straight progression kills. Nice everyone, very nice. BQL-25man.jpg

(03-21-2010) Great kill at the end of the night everyone! Dreamwalker has been rescued by our awesome healers. Dreamwalker-25m.jpg

(03-09-2010) Nice night all-around everyone. Even though it is still a tough fight I think we now have the Professor on farm. Big TY to everyone for helping me complete the Unholy Infusion quest. Also, a big congrats goes out to Eled. for getting us our 3rd Shadow's Edge! Now go collect some souls! :)

(03-20-2010) Professor Putricide down!! Nice, nice, nice! Also, nice work on the gunship meta, I'm on a Boat.


(02-21-2010) The Orb Whisperer meta down! Nice learning tonight on Professor, we are close guys.

(01-31-2010) Blood Princes fall! Only 2 attempts, really great job everyone. BloodPrince-25m.jpg

Queen dishes out a lot of damage, lol. We will get her. Thanks to all the subs this week, we had a lot of people fall out at the last minute. You guys rock.

(01-26-2010) Shadow's Edge #2 goes to Loosh, congrats! Up next is Eled, then Ivii.

(01-19-2010) Super great night everyone! Festergut 1-shot! Rotface 3-shot. Galadeon got Shadow's Edge! The lag monster killed us on the gunship, lol. Festergut-25man.jpg



(01-17-2010) Rotface down! 4 people left standing, lol. Ugly first kill but he fell. Let's do better next week ;) Rotface-25m.jpg

He despawned right before I took the pic, lol. Then we went and got the Maly speed kill. It was fun!


(12-29-2009) 1-shot clear of ICC in 1.5 hours! Very nice everyone. Also, great job on getting the I've Gone and Made a Mess Achievement!

(12-23-2009) Nice clear everyone. Only 2 wipes on Saurfang. Boned Achievement!

(12-20-2009) The Deathbringer falls to AIE! Nice work everyone. Only took 2 attempts with our new Strat. Saurfang-25m.jpg

(12-13-2009) Gunship battle conquered! That is a fun fight, lol. We will get Saurfang next week.


(12-08-2009) Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper down. 4-shot each one. Gunship and Saurfang on Sunday! Marrowgar-25m.jpg

(12-6-2009) Heroic Twins down! The door strat. ftw! ICC may be dropping this week; let's do it! 25-twinsHeroic.jpg

(12-1-2009) Very nice everyone, Heroic champs fall on our 4th attempt! Crazy fight but very doable. Going after the Twins on Sunday.

(11-24-2009) Heroic Lord Jara. down for the count! Great teamwork everyone. Lets get those ugly ally champs down next week.

(11-15-2009) Heroic Beasts have fallen!!! Grats to Gradja, Bonsai, and Ice on some hot ilvl 258 gear.

(11-08-2009) Woot, Heartbreaker down! 3 metas down, many to go, lol. Heroic Icehowl down to 2%. We got it, just have to bring it all together.

(11-02-2009) A good night last night. Easy 1-shots of all regular bosses. Very good attempts on heroic Beasts. Got Icehowl down to 60%. The Beasts will fall soon! This week we are starting Tuesday night runs. Running 2 nights a week will give us more time, and help us not to feel rushed on Sundays.

(10-04-2009) Guild first 25man General Vezax kill. 1-shot him to boot! 25m-General.jpg

Nice 1-shot clear of ToC. Next week more Yogg goodness, and maybe some ToGC attempts.

(09-27-2009) Another sweet night. Onyxia down. Onyxia-25m.jpg

Mimirion 1-shot! Mim-25m.jpg

Then we 2-shot Thorim and got The Keepers of Ulduar achievement! General and Yogg next week!

(09-20-2009) Great 1-shot Colosseum night! A nice attempt at the Heroic Beasts. A few more upgrades and we have them.

25m Freya kill! Freya-25m.jpg

(09-13-2009) Super great night! Reg. Anub down with only 24 people! Anub25-man.jpg

Then we went to Ulduar and got Orbit-uary in 2 trys. Then we zerged Ignis for the Stokin' the Furnace achievement. Great job everyone.

(09-07-09) Really good progression night. WE GOT THE CHAMPS DOWN!! Champs-25man.jpg

Then we went on the smack the Twins around. Twins-25man.jpg

Kologarn also fell. He is too easy.

(08-16-09) More Coliseum and Ulduar fun. Lord Jara-pinata down in 2 trys. Jara-25man.jpg

Then a guild first Hodir 25-man kill!

Some boss pics:




(08-09-09) Pretty good first night with the new group everyone. Northrend Beasts down in 4 trys! Server second on the achievement Not One, But Two Jormungars (25 player) NRBeasts-25.jpg

Then some Ulduar fun. Daredevil Sully attempts to jump 7 bears on his mechanohog, go sully go. Bearjump.jpg

F.L.(2 towers) down, even with the stamina bug. FL-25man.jpg

Razorscale down in 1 shot. Raz-25man.jpg

Grats to everyone who got achievements. See you all next week.

(08-04-09) For better or worse, Patch 3.2 hits live servers. First Raid will be this Sunday. We will hit the Northrend Beasts in the Crusader's Coliseum, VoA, and maybe a few bosses in Ulduar. Invites have been sent out.

Bank Info: We have started a guild called "Cliffjumpers". You can have an alt join this guild in order to access the raid group bank.