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# Run the Curse Voice client. [[Image:cv00.png]]
# Select the "Minecraft" tab. [[Image:cv01.png]]
[[Image:cv00.png|Run the Curse Voice client.]]
[[Image:cv01.png|Select the "Minecraft" tab.]]

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The AIE Nomads run a private Minecraft server using a custom modpack. The modpack is available through Curse.

Server Details

Server minecraft.aie-guild.org
Port 25565 (default)
Mod Pack AIE Nomads
Operators StiggNJ, Lotwook_AIE, jehdai



We use the Curse Voice Beta client (a.k.a. Curse v6).

Use the following step-by-step procedure to install and run the modpack.

If you are not playing on a Windows PC, contact the operators and we'll help you get set up manually.