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  | Server
  | Server
  | minecraft.aie-guild.org
  | Port
  | Port
  | 27676
  | 25565
  | Mod Pack
  | Mod Pack

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The AIE Nomads run a private Minecraft server using a custom modpack. The modpack is available through Curse.

Server Details

Server minecraft.aie-guild.org
Port 25565
Mod Pack AIE Nomads
Operators StiggNJ, Lotwook_AIE, jehdai



We use the Curse Voice Beta client (a.k.a. Curse v6 found here).

Use the following step-by-step procedure to install and run the modpack.

If you are not playing on a Windows PC, contact the operators and we'll help you get set up manually.

  1. Run the Curse Voice client.
  2. Select the "Minecraft" tab.
  3. Hover over the "Install Modpack" icon and select "Browser Modpacks".
  4. Select the category "All" and enter "AIE" or "AIE Nomads" in the search expression box.
  5. Click on the "AIE Nomads" modpack.
  6. Hover over the AIE Nomad logo and click on "Install".
  7. Once the download and install is finished, you have some options.
    • If you want to jump right in, click on "Play".
    • If you go pack to the profile listing during the install, you can hover over the AIE Nomad logo and click "Play".
    • If you want to install additional client mods (like Fastcraft or OptiFine), click the "..." additional actions dropdown and select "open Folder". Copy any additional mods into the "mods" subdirectory.
  8. Once the Minecraft Launcher starts, click "Play".
  9. Wait for the mods to load, then click on "Multiplayer".
  10. Click on "Add Server".
  11. Enter any name for "Server Name".
  12. Enter for the "Server Address".
  13. Click on "Done".
  14. Highlight the server you just added and click "Join Server".