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What is the NitF! raid bank?

NitF! has a separate bank guild to help supply our members for raids. It is there to make it more convenient for everyone to be able to help supply the raid. The name of the guild is: Cliff Jumpers

How do I gain access to the NitF! raid bank and get my own awesome tabard?

Create a bank alt toon, then please contact Thrakan or his alternate identity Ehrendil to get your alt an invite to the "Cliff Jumpers" bank guild. Tabards should be in the Guild Bank. Yes, you must wear the tabard with pride at all times.

How do I contribute materials to the NitF! raid bank?

You can mail contributions to Servillia, Galadeon, or Thrakan in game. You can also deposit them directly into the "Cliff Jumpers" guild bank. In particular we are looking for the following items:

  • All Cata. level herbs
  • All Cata level ore
  • All Volatiles
  • Truegold
  • All Cata. level fish/meat
  • All Cata. level enchanting mats
  • All Cata. level gems
  • Cata. level leathers/scraps
  • Embersilk
  • Profession recipes

Please refrain from putting low level items (No greys!!) in the bank. These will be taken out and placed on the AH.