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This is the wiki for the alea iacta est (AIE) gaming community. The phrase "alea iacta est" is Latin for "The die has been cast", the famous saying by Caesar before crossing the Rubicon river and setting his path inexorably to war with Pompey. Our use of this motto plays on the double meaning of dice used in gaming and "we like Latin phrases".

AIE started in 2007 as a World of Warcraft guild Alea Iacta Est on the Earthen Ring US realm. We have grown into several thousand players and multiple multiplayer games and Steam. We do not focus on any on aspect of gaming (raiding, PvP, fishing, etc.)--but encourage our guildies to enjoy all types of gaming in a family-friendly, stress free environment.

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The AIE Podcast is a podcast covering various AIE-related topics. All content is created by AIE Guild members, for AIE Guild Members.

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Show Segments


Currently hosted by Ghomus, Acuzod and Alludra; the intro features theme music from Blue Man Group, as well as the podcast's catch phrase, as coined by Dills, "The die has been podcast!" This section includes some host updates about current gameplay and time spent in AIE's various guilds.

Guild News

Continuing from the intro, our hosts discuss the latest news and goings on from AIE. Guild News usually includes mention of the Guildie of the Week, current and updated guild events across the games.

AIE Game Spotlight

We interview officers and members of various games that AIE is in to bring you up to date about what is going on in all the games that AIE plays.

Guildie Submissions

That's right--any guildie can send in a segment! Here are segments that have played from our guildies:

Recurring Segments

The current recurring segments as of April 25, 2012:

Retired Segments

Achievementology UI Clinic Focus Magic Your Eye on the Elements
Healer's Roundtable The Hot Topic Playing the Part Guildie of the Week Interviews
The Ebon Hold Hunting with Dills A Druid's Life The Silversea and Warak Show
Epic Achievements! Blood DK Tanking Salus Status Best guild in the World... of Warcraft
Epic Diapers Task of the Week Stone the Drake Be Nice to the Noobs
Real AIE Genius

Listener Participation


Submissions are accepted by all guildies for segments or bumpers on any subject. The only rule governing content is that your content must fit existing guild rules (cannot contain profanity, etc). If you want to record a segment for inclusion into the podcast, record it in the audio program of your choice, and then attach .mp3, AAC, or .wav formatted audio file to an e-mail to


Sprinkled throughout the podcast are bumpers made by guildies for the podcast. These short (under 10 seconds) sound clips help to break up the various segments. Most of these follow the pattern of "This is Name and you're listening to the AIE Podcast!".

For questions on tips on recording your segments and bumpers, please check out the Tip Giver's Tip of the Week Archive and the Podcast Segment Recording page.


The hosts sometimes give shout-outs to the chatroom and for favorable reviews on iTunes! Hint, hint!


Occasionally the podcast will host a contest for listeners or members of the live stream audience. Details and rules are typically outlined in the podcast.


Ghomus (Episode 63 - Current)
Acuzod (Episode 69 - Current)
Alludra (Episode 91 - Current)

Previous Hosts

Dills (Episode 16 - 72)
Kharyas (Episode 63 - 68)
Gufoni (Episode 16 - 62)
Warak (Episode 16 - 62)
Aprilian (Episode 1 -15)


Live stream:
Twitter: @AIEPodcast
Email: podcast@aie-guild dot com