Lost in the Shuffle

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So you've joined AIE, and now you're wondering, "How in the world do I meet people, and what can I do?"

The guild utilizes a variety of resources that enable guildies to get to know each other better. The following are some tips on how to jump in and get involved:

  • The first thing you'll notice in-game in AIE is that guild chat, or the "green wall" as it has been called in WoW, is frequently quite active. Don't be afraid to jump in and participate!
  • Read the forums and participate! We have a very active set of forums; you can find a raid team, talk about your class/professions, or discuss general goings on with other members of AIE ... and of course there's bacon.
  • If you feel like actually talking to other people in AIE, please join our Mumble server.
  • Looking to join a raiding, pvp, or questing team or about to start your own? Looking to simply group up with guildies in-game? There are some addons and channels in most games that assist with grouping up. Further, the forums are one of the best resources for organizing or joining a team.
  • If you feel like getting out of your play-space, please visit the AIE meetup site and join the community to organize/participate in events near you.

As a guild member in good standing, you are in control of your level of involvement. You get out what you put in!