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DRAFTThis page is a work-in-progress intended for review. Direct editing of this page is discouraged. Please help improve the draft by asking questions or making suggestions on the discussion page.

Greetings and well met, traveler! Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Online chapter of Alea Iacta Est! Here lies some questions and answers that you may have with AIE's adventures in Middle Earth.

How do I join AIE?

To join AIE, you must have completed the introduction before an invite can be extended. This includes the tutorial instance, introduction zone, and introduction instance. This will grant you the "Return Home" skill, along with the "Novice" Miscellaneous passive skill.

Then, you will need to apply with your character in Umami, located at https://umami.aie-universal.net/. Once you have received the accepted email, please look for an AIE officer in the AIELFO channel, which you can join with the command "/joinchannel aie". Then, kindly ask an officer for an invite to the Kinship.

What server is AIE on?

AIE can be found on Landroval. This is a role playing preferred server.

How do I contact the Officers?

Please join the AIELFO channel to contact an on-duty AIE officer. To join the channel, use the command /joinchannel aie.

As a member of AIE, what are the guild rules and my individual responsibilities?

How do I become an Officer?

What do we use for in game communication?

I want to form a raid team/event/raffle/contest. How do I go about doing that?

I want to visit the guild house! Where is it and how to I get there?

I would like to play some Monster Play! What is AIE's role in that?

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