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Just Blame the Healers

Just Blame the Healers is a 10 man raid team within the guild Alea Iacta Est on the Earthen Ring server. We are a mature adult raid team. The current incarnation of the team is a Heroic raid team focused on downing the current content before the release of each new patch. We are progression oriented and have consistently pushed Heroic bosses and content in a focused yet fun way.

JBtH was originally founded to be a just a fun team to kill the Lich King. Over the course of a year JBtH had evolved into one of AIE's premier raid teams. JBtH was the first raid team to clear T11 content and earn the Shattered defender title, and was the most progressed team for T11 heroics. JBtH has remained active in pursuing heroic content through both Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. The team has changed over time and has remained true to its core and its goals. To have fun and play at a high level.

JBtH in Warlords of Draenor is targeting being a Heroic+ team. We plan to either grow in leadership, size and ability to a 20 man mythic team, or work with other teams on Mythic content. We believe that the game is won or lost before you play. Along those lines, we expect that players consider themselves at proficient to expert and their chosen class or spec. You are expected to be improving your toon when not raiding and honing your play style. We expect our team members to contribute to the good of the team with their professions. The alt policy is that if we are at a farm point on content and your alt is being considered for a main switch or back up roll, we will players to bring an alt.

Raid Times

Tuesdays 8:30 - 11:00pm
Thursdays 8:30 - 11:30pm

Raid time is 8:30 sharp.

Invites go out at 8:20, all raiders are expected to be in the instance by 8:25 and start buffing so we can start pulling at 8:30


We will be using the Suicide King loot system, facilitated with the KonferSK addon. This is not required by any raiders, only the loot master needs to have it for it to work. Separate lists will be used for difference instances and Tier pieces once we start into Heroic modes. For information on the Suicide King system it can be found here. All BOE's that don't go Main spec will go to the raid bank.

All trade skill patterns that drop in raid will first go to the designated trade skill person for the raid team. All drops after that will be offered to other raiders that have the same skill. Any patterns not used by the raid team will be sent to the raid bank and be sold on the AH.

Raid Bank

An alt raid bank is kept to keep all mats collected by the raid team during our raids. All raid members will have access to this. An alt can be added to the raid bank guild and if you have an authenticator you'll have pretty much unlimited access to mats.

All mats collected during raids will be sent to the raid bank. This includes any chanting mats, any leather/furs, any ore/gems, orbs etc will collected in the raid bank to use. All raiders are encouraged to donate any mats they can to help with the raid bank. All BOE's that don't go main spec will be sent to the raid bank and the gold made from them will go back into the raid bank. All raiders can purchase any raid BOE's for offspec at 40% of the AH prices.

Mats and gold collected in the raid bank will go towards making flasks(cauldrons), fish feasts, belt buckles, chants, potions etc. Anything that a raider could use during a raid. This is to help elevate some of the costs of raiding, by allowing us to be come more self supportive.

Required Add-ons

Ventrilo – we don't require our raiders to have a working mic or even talk, but you must have vent to listen.

DBM or BigWigs or Deus Vox Encounters

For decursing/dispelling classes, we require that you have some way of quickly recognizing that something needs to be dispelled so that it can be removed quickly.

Recruitment Needs

edit 11/10/2014

JBtH is on the lookout for exceptional players looking at 2 night a week raiding commitment.

With flex style scaling through Heroic, we will be looking to grow from our current roster of 10 to Mythic size over the course of the first content patch. As it will be months of work to get there regardless, we are in no rush to get to 20 now with expectation of pushing Mythic content in any near time frame.

While we have toons in all core roles, we are looking for hybrid classes that bring an off-tank or off-heal to the table. There are members of the team that are also willing to role switch as needed so interested players should not be deferred from inquiry based off of our current roster. Any exceptional player and role will be considered for the theam.

All players and toons are brought in on a three week trial basis to determine team fit and alignment. We spend a lot of time together so making sure attitudes and tone are on the same page is very important. We keep the raid casual and fun, yet we are intent on playing with focus and at a high level. It is a balance that takes intensity and competitiveness along with the humility to put it aside for the team.

If you are looking at progression raiding in WoD please talk to us to see if we might be a fit for you.

  • All raiders are required to keep up to date on all rotations, gemming, glyphs, chants, reforging etc that are optimal for there class
  • Raiders must come fully chanted/gem, using the best possible gem/chant that is available.

We expect all our raiders to be able to carry their weight. All raiders should come to raids fully prepared with flasks, pots, and food for the night. We expect our raiders to have the best possible gems(epic gems) and chants for there gear. With such a short raid schedule we want to maximize our time and not waste time summoning people or waiting for people to go repair before we start.

As this is the opening of a new expansion we realize that players are going to be starting from a low gear position. Our expectation is that your toon is actively running heroic 5 mans consistently, heroic scenarios and LFR individually for gear and for raid preperation.

Join Us

For those interested in joining our raid team Reply to our raid team post.

Character Name
Preferred Raid Spec
Armory Link

For more information Contact Jenyn or Crestone

Main Switch

There is likely going to come a time during our progression that people may want to switch mains. I have no problem with this if the following is true.

  • We have a need for your new "main". You can't switch to your tank becuase you don't wanna dps anymore if we already have 2 tanks.
  • They are geared enough for the content we're doing. If we're the 2nd tier in and your just 85 with your new toon. You can't bring them in all green/blue to gear up to raid with us.
  • You will take a 2 week loot penalty where you will spend 2 weeks at the bottom of the KSK list. Basically you only get loot that after everyone else that has been playing the same toon for awhile. After that 2 week period you're free to loot like normal. This is to discourage people toon hoping every couple weeks and getting 5 alts geared.

If you're ok with the above you're more then welcome to switch toons during our progression.