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"Shamans, Death Knights, and Locks. Oh My!"

Shamans, Death Knights, and Locks. Oh My! is a 10-man, progression raiding group. Our main focus, above all, is to progress through 10-man raiding content as it drops. Our group is currently running MOP: Mists of Pandaria raid content.

What is our schedule?

 Tuesday 8:30-11 pm Server

NOTE: Invites will begin at 8:30pm - please be prompt, we only run two and a half hours per night, we want to optimize that time. If you have accepted an invite and cannot make it to the raid, please drop Galira an in-game mail in advance, or post on the forums.

Full-time 'core' members are expected to maintain a consistent schedule. Excessive absence from the raiding schedule can result in a dismissal from the team. 'Real-life' issues happen and this is understandable. If a member anticipates that they cannot make a scheduled raid night, a simple post on the SDKL forum thread will suffice, or an advance mail (in-game or PM) to Galira.


  1. We like to have a good time, but we are a serious progression group, nonetheless. Learning the fights, understanding your class and maintaining your gear are prerequisites for this team.
  2. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen OR Skada are required. Hermes is recommended
  3. We utilize a raid team owned/maintained Ventrilo. Vent info will be displayed in raid warning as invites begin
  4. Please be fully repaired, stocked up on potions/elixirs (as needed) and food/bandages.
  5. Feel free to donate supplies to those who so graciously provide fish feasts - Various team members are supplying banquets and noodle carts for the group. Tobiano supplies Flasks for people that need them. However, please do your part to donate to our raid team bank so that we can continue to provide this feature.
  6. All members are expected to maintain new gear, by enchanting and gemming as needed (by next raid night). We also help to take care of that. Ask Nunother, Kezrakai, or Galira.

What are the Loot rules?

We are currently using the 'Main spec need, offspec greed' loot system. A team member is assigned master looter status and all items are 'rolled' on and then the person with the highest roll wins it.

Items which cannot find a home using this traditional format, will be sharded by a disenchanter into enchanting materials for raid enchants. Shards are donated to the raid bank where they are kept for team enchants. We always ask that members display a 'team-conscience' and use loot-etiquette at all times.