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What is Inconceivable?

Inconceivable is a 10-Man Raiding team in the Alea Iacta Est guild on the Earthen Ring (US) realm. We are a fairly casual group with an emphasis on having a good time over hard core progression. We are working our way through the weekly raid quests while pillaging ICC.

When, What, Where?

Tuesday Night - 9:30-midnight EST

Weekly Raid Quest + ICC Lower Spire

Thursday Night - 9:30-midnight EST

ICC Upper Spire

Notes, rules, and other info

  1. Have fun and a good time
  2. Omen and Deadly Boss Mods are a must
  3. Please have access to vent, a mic is not needed but it would be nice
  4. Please try to be logged on 15 min. prior for summons and invites
  5. Please remember to bring buff food, scrolls/pots, arrows/bullets and be repaired.
  6. We have a Raid bank for storing mats and other items

What are the Loot rules?

We use Suicide Kings for our loot rules

Inconceivable! News

05/20/2010 - WoL

10 Man ICC - Dreamwalker Freed and Blood Council DOWN!!! - 1st for both for INC

- Many Many Prof Putricide Attempts later -

04/11/2010 - WoL

10 Man ICC - Blood Council Preview and attempts

04/08/2010 - WoL

10 Man ICC - Rotface DOWN!!! - 1st Kill

04/04/2010 - Easter Break

04/01/2010 - WoL

10 Man ICC - Festergut DOWN!!! - 1st Kill

03/30/2010 - WoL

10 Man Ulduar - Razorscale DOWN!!!

03/25/2010 - WoL

10 Man ICC - On a Boat! DOWN!!! - 1st Kill (as much as you can kill a boat)

10 Man ICC - Saurfang DOWN!!! - 1st Kill

10 Man VoA - Toravon one shot

03/23/2010 - WoL Inconceivable Inaugural Run

10 Man Ulduar - FL and XT one shots

10 Man ICC - Lord Marrowgar DOWN!!! - 1st Kill

10 Man ICC - Lady D DOWN!!! - 1st Kill

03/16/2010 - WoL Inconceivable Test Night

10 Man TOC 10 - a quick stutter step and then one shots on all the bosses

10 Man Ony - one shot and one dead dragon