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Iceflare and Vahlar.jpg
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Professions Leatherworking Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Iceflare is an Orc Hunter, and Pleb of Alea Iacta Est


Iceflare Dragonheart stands at a height of 6'2" which although towering over many of her opponents, is diminutive for an orc. Her piercing blue eyes are what people notice first and they are the eyes of one who has seen much and does not care to discuss it.

Her delicate olive skin has the look of that which was cared for in younger years but is now becoming weather-worn. Her lush mahogany hair is swept up into a ponytail which she claims helps her focus on the task at hand. She is strikingly beautiful (even to those outside of her race) but she either doesn't notice, or doesn't care to notice.

In Combat

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Affiliation with Other Characters

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Views on Other Races and Factions

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Iceflare is played by User:Iceflare.