Guild Vault Policies

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Officers strongly encourage cohorts of Alea Iacta Est (AIE) to use the guild bank often.

Use of the guild bank is a privilege of those of COHORT rank (and higher) in the guild. PLEBS cannot withdraw directly from the guild bank, but can deposit to the first four tabs. PLEBS may request items from an officer. Cohorts have deposit and withdrawal access to the first four tabs. Each tab is subject to a limit of five withdrawals per day. Cohorts may deposit into the fifth tab.

The sixth tab will be accessed by officers only. It and the fifth tab will be for valuable equipment and materials available by request from an officer.

AIE does not require or encourage in-kind donation of goods or gold for withdrawals from the guild bank. It is expected that the guild member will make non-gold deposits during their time in AIE that will even out their "account", but that need not happen at the moment of withdrawal.

All items withdrawn from the guild vault are for use by the character withdrawing them. Withdrawals are-

-Not for one of your alts (log out and log on to your alt to withdraw on that character),

-Not for a friend who might join the guild. Not for your child. Not for your spouse,

-Not to be sold in the Auction House,

-Not for disenchant materials (even if the proposed enchant is for a guildmate)

Armor, weapons, and materials withdrawn should be appropriate for level, skill, class, and profession (within reason). It is acceptable to take something a few levels ahead of where you currently are, or to withdraw a profession material which you intend to have a guildmate craft for you.

If you see gear in the guild vault that is of extremely low usefullness, but would be better valued as disenchanted, please alert an officer to the name and tab of the item(s). Officers will periodically disenchant weapons and armor in the guild bank and deposit the resultant disenchants.

We the officers of AIE are asking all members to help "police" the guild bank log for questionable transactions as they see fit. Contact the guild officers at if you spot a gross transgression.

We ask that people consider the value of the item they are depositing, since the number of slots is extremely limited, especially for a guild of our size. Each slot cost ~16g to purchase.

AIE is discouraging deposits of gold into the guild bank. It continues to pile up, and Blizzard seems to have no plans for additional in-game features for guilds which would require purchases. Given the size of our guild, using guild bank gold for member repairs or personal withdrawals is extraordinarily complicated and fraught with potential complication. We have used the guild bank gold in large events, but we'd prefer it not continue to accumulate.

Please use the guild vault! It is our hope that it will become more of a useful tool for paying-forward the help that we've all gotten in this guild.


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