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Guild Wars 2 Basic PVP Intro

There are two types of PVP systems, Structured PVP (sPVP) and World vs World (WvW).

Structured PVP Basics

  • This are basically rated battleground matches played on a Conquest type map.
  • Players compete on an even footing, where skill and not gear is the deciding factor.
  • It provides players with a fully geared level 80 premade toon, with all skills unlocked.
  • No XP is earned here since there is no need to ever level your character.
  • sPVP is completely isolated from the rest of the world and doesn’t grant PVE rewards.
  • There is no gear progression, you can earn “Rank” by earning PVP experience and “glory”, this can be used to buy better looking equipment from glory vendors.
  • Glory is a type of currency that can be used to get PVP rewards.
  • Unlike experience levels, Rank is account wide and is a measurement of success in PvP

How do I get there?

(After the intro tutorial) Press H, select the PvP tab and log into the Mists (PvP lobby area)

WvW PVP Basics

  • This is basically an open PVP map with multiple objectives at a grand scale.
  • Your home server (team) will face battle against two other servers.
  • Matches will last two week and each team will accrue points per objectives captured.
  • Players can besiege structures, battle over resources and win rewards for their world.
  • WvW is completely isolated from the rest of the world but it grants PVE rewards.
  • Your toon will be upleveled to 80 but you will retain your current gear and PVE progress.
  • You can level via WvW and will earn XP and Loot from player kills.

How do I get there?

Press B and then select what World you wish to enter.

WvW Basic Tips

For those new to WvW while they are trying to figure out the gist of things.

  • Stay in group
  • ALWAYS carry 10 supply with you at all times.
  • Control the supply lines (Dolyak Supply Caravans) they are the lifeblood of WvW
  • Claim Towers and Keeps in your guild’s name to earn more influence
  • Defend what you control and repair gates and walls.
  • Upgrade your camps, towers and keeps- This will make them last longer and will provide your team with additional waypoints
  • Never upgrade the walls unless you already upgraded the cannons on each entrance.
  • Never EVER take supply from StoneMist.