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This page is created from content our guildie Saretok (Geddyn) put together in a thread on our AIE GW2 forums.

As most of you have figured out, the Mystic Forge serves several purposes. The primary purpose is to combine random items of the same quality in order to receive something random (hopefully of upgraded quality) in return.

The Mystic Forge also has specific hard-coded recipes designed to yield the same result each time. These recipes can include exotic weapons, upgraded siege weapon blueprints and upgraded crafting materials.

General Recipes

To start, this is the [ GW2 Wiki page for the Mystic Forge]. This page contains the recipes for crafting material promotion (converting your Copper into Iron, for instance), Mystic Chests, converting food into feasts (which work similar to their WoW counterparts), Mystic Salvage Kits (250 uses), as well as upgraded WvW siege weapon blueprints.

You will notice that some of these recipes call for "Bottle of Elonian Wine," "Philosopher's Stone," "Arcane Crystal" or "Siege Master's Guide." These three items can be purchased from Miyani, an NPC near the Mystic Forge. The Wine costs silver, while the other three cost skill points.

Mystic Weapons

There are two types of exotic weapons craft-able through the Mystic Forge. The first is the Mystic weapons. You can find the mystic weapon recipes here.

These weapons have a skin and particle effect similar to those of the Inquest weapons available from tokens gained through teh Crucible Eternity explorable mode. The difference is that the Mystic weapons have a blue skin while the Inquest variants are red.

You'll notice that each of these weapons requires an item called an "Eldritch Scroll." This item is purchased from Miyani, an NPC near the Mystic forge for 50 skill points. In addition, you will need Mystic Coins, which can be obtained by completing the daily and monthly achievements, as well as through a few story quests and various other means. The final two ingredients to the recipe are weapon specific pieces that are crafted by a craftsman with at least 400 skill of the appropriate profession.

It's important to note that these weapons can only be obtained the stats listed on their respective pages. Their stat point distribution puts them in line with weapons crafted with a Berserker insignia. For example, the Mystic Shortbow will always have +128 Power, +178 Precision and +128 Condition damage no matter how many times you make it. If you like these skins but would prefer a different allocation of stat points, you'll have to transmute the skin onto a weapon that contains the stats you desire. The weapons will also always come with the sigil listed on their respective pages, though those can be swapped out.

Other Weapons

The second type of weapon craft-able through the Mystic Forge are general weapons. You can find the other weapon recipes here.

These weapons don't follow a particular set of aesthetics as the Mystic weapons do. All of them are (as far as I know) unique skins and many of them pay homage to popular weapon skins or characters from the original Guild Wars.

Like the Mystic weapons, all of these weapons require an Eldritch Scroll and Mystic Coins. (See the Mystic Weapons section for information on how to obtain these.) Unlike the Mystic weapons, the final two materials are generally not crafted, but are world drops or salvaged items. This makes them significantly more difficult to obtain.

Also, like the Mystic weapons, the stats listed on the weapon page through the above link are final and absolute. If you'd prefer a different stat allocation, you will need to transmute the skin onto a weapon that has your preferred stat. Again, while the listed sigil will always be included with the weapon, it can be swapped out if you'd prefer a different one.