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Frequently Asked Questions about AIE in Guild Wars 2


What does our guild name mean?

Alea Iacta Est Xiphos -- what is that?

The AIE in AIEx comes from "alea iacta est" which is our overall gaming community motto. The x comes from "Xiphos" which is a Greek short sword--symbolozing the warlike nature of our guild wars, um.. guild. WAR!

Joining the Guild

On which home world (server) is AIE located?

Our home is the Dragonbrand server.

I've entered Tyria. How do I join AIE?

UMAMI is used to apply for admission into the AIE Guild Wars 2 guild.
New members are required to register a UMAMI account and then submit an application for the guild. Existing UMAMI members login normally and select the Guild Wars 2 game to submit an application.

When can new members join the guild?

We started taking new member applications at head-start beginning on August 25, 2012. For a while, new members were only taken the first week of the month, but now new members may apply and join at any time.

Where can I view the guild charter?

The guild charter is a must-read before joining the guild. You can find it here.

The Next Steps

I’ve never been in an AIE guild before. What should I expect?

AIE is unique in that we put community before achievement. We also want our members to treat each other as well as people throughout the game with courtesy and respect. Don’t get mad at people if they don’t play like you think they should or if their skill level is lower than what you think it should be. Help your fellow guildies out! Get involved and meet new members!

Is there a listing of our communication resources?

Yes there is. Links and more information about our email address, Ventrilo server, Twitter account, and Facebook account may be found inside the charter here.

What do you guys use for voice communication?

We use Ventrilo. Yup yup.

Cool, I just downloaded Ventrilo. What is the password & server information?

The vent info is listed on the UMAMI's main page (once logged in). You can find rules regarding Vent use here and answers on how to install and setup on the Ventrilo Setup page. Remember, AIE Vent is for members only. Do NOT give out Vent information to anyone. Any authentic guild member can look up Vent info by logging into UMAMI, so you should not need to give it to them.

Is there a way to make every one in Ventrilo have the same volume?

Yes there is--it's called Ventrilo Normalization, and uses gain and compression to level out loud or soft sounds to be more even.

So, I've been a member for awhile, but I have a few questions...

There are so many people in AIE, I feel a little lost. What can I do?

Don’t feel lost!! Here are some great tips on how to participate with others in the community, and not get lost in the shuffle.

Who can organize guild events?

Anyone in the guild! Events are a great way to bring together the community, and we encourage any guild member with an idea to run with it!
Note: events involving raffles/contests and guild currency need to be cleared with the officers first as detailed on the Raffles and Contests Guidelines page.

Who can organize guild teams?

Again, any member! In contrast to most guilds, officers in AIE are not responsible for creating and overseeing PvP, PvE, or questing teams. That doesn’t mean you won’t see an officer create and run their own team; it’s just that members are free to run their teams with a good level of autonomy.

I've been a Metic for a while... How long before I get promoted to Hoplite?

Coming soon

Is there a max number of characters I can have in AIE GW2?

Nope! The guild invitation mechanism in Guild Wars 2 allows us to invite your account, so can have as many characters in the guild as you want.

A guild member in AIE GW2 did something awesome!! I think they deserve some recognition. How do I do that?

We have a recognition program for outstanding members called the "Guildie of the Moment". You can nominate someone awesome by sending us your story.

Is there anything else about the Guild I should know?

Do we have a plan for our guild influence build?

Yep, we do! You can find it here!

What are the policies about the Guild Bank?

Those can be found on the guild bank policies page.

Where else can I find out about what is going on in the guild?

Besides our wonderful forums, and wiki, there is also The AIE Podcast. The hosts over there cover not only GW2 but all of the other games we have a presence in.


Who are the officers? Is there a listing of all the officers in AIE?

You can find a listing of all the GW2 officers on the Guild Wars 2 Officers page.

How do I find an officer in game? What's the best time to find an officer?

feel free to whisper an officer or ask for one in guild chat. Because most of our members and officers are based in North America, the best time to find an officer is during “prime time” - from around 7pm to 2am Eastern time.

How do I find an officer outside of GW2?

The officers can be reached by emailing them at

What if I have a problem with a fellow AIE member in GW2?

We please ask that you do NOT take problems with guild members to a public setting, like the forums or guild chat. Please chat log or screen shot the incident, and email that information, along with anything else pertinent, to the officers at

I was an officer in my previous guild, how do I become an officer here?

Officers in AIE are chosen for their leadership, maturity, commitment to the community, personality, etc.. Current officers can nominate someone to become one, and there is an internal review process. Historically, repeatedly asking to become an officer is not a good way start the process--since officers actively play the game, they always keep an eye out for quality guildies. (Remember, good works are their own reward!)