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Alea Iacta Est Xiphos
Guild Charter

The Alea Iacta Est gaming community is several thousand members involved in a variety of online activities. After years of gaming together, AIE has become a large, diverse community that embraces mutual courtesy and respect. Our members engage in all aspects of online gaming from PvE and PvP to Role-playing and end-game activities across multiple games. This is the charter for our guild in the game Guild Wars 2.

Our Mission

Alea Iacta Est strives to foster an engaging, rich community within Guild Wars 2 while providing the highest level of enjoyment for all players and play-styles.

Guild Wars 2

Alea Iact Est Xiphos is the official Domain presence for the AIE gaming community in Guild Wars 2. Some key features of the game either challenge common MMO convention or cast them in a new light:


You are presented with the server selection screen when you first log into the game. All of your characters will belong to this “home” world, and it determines your allegiance for all World v. World maps. Any world (US or EU based) may be traveled to through a guesting service that will be available sometime after the release. This allows players to experience and group with friends across the many different Tyrias.

When worlds fill up you may find yourself in an “overflow” area so you can play rather than stare at a countdown. Eventually, you will be presented with an option to shift to the world when it becomes available.


PvE and PvP activities are available on every world. PvP engagements are carried out in distinctly separate battle maps of the game that do not cross over into PvE adventures. Structured PvP matches and tournament allow everyone to enjoy a level playing field, where skill (and not gear) is the deciding factor.

World v. World campaigns offer an epic-scale PvP battle that challenges three worlds to compete against each other while earning buffs (boons) for everyone on their home world. These open PvP matches will last two weeks and will only happen on isolated PVP maps outside the realm of PvE adventures. Both sPvP and WvW are accessible almost right away, providing a dynamic level adjustment to level 80 for participation in PvP.

Dynamic level adjustment allows the world to challenge characters who have reached higher or max levels. Character levels are reduced to match the appropriate level of the zone they are traveling in. This will allow you to help out your friend’s new character while you keep making progress with your own, gaining XP and loot appropriate to your own level.


There are no traditional “end-game” raids but there are challenging “explorer mode” dungeons, world exploration and puzzles, dynamic and elite open world events, achievements, titles, vistas, and points of interest. While you may collect rare artifacts or stylish armor sets, there is no significant “gear grind” to increase your stats at max level. Guild Wars 2 is much more about the journey than the destination many rush headlong into.

"And More!"

Additional features of Guild Wars 2 as well as a nice starting manual is also available from the official site.


Alea Iacta Est welcomes all play-styles and players who embody our vision of excellence through a sense of mutual respect and courtesy for one another and the community-at-large while enjoying these games we play.

Please review this document to determine if AIE is a good fit for you before joining our ranks as a probationary member.

Application Process

Participation in the Alea Iacta Est guild requires registration with UMAMI, AIE's membership database located at (not live at this time, see "Head Start and Early Launch").

Open registration will begin in September and be on a recurring schedule of the first week of each month.

Player “Display Names” (e.g., Name.NNNN) and character names must be in good taste, and adhere to the membership behavior and expectations.. Final arbitration on name suitability lay with the guild officers and may be grounds for removal from the guild if found unsuitable. If there are any doubts on the suitability of any name, please address the matter with an officer before creating the character.

Accepted applications will receive an invite to the guild that may be accepted on your next login to the game.

Head Start and Early Launch

For the head-start and first week of launch we will be using the form at for guild invitations.

During head-start and the remaining days of August we will accept all applicants who agree to abide by the Guild Charter. Please note that we will be strictly enforcing the Behaviors and Expectations of membership during this time.

The only official AIE guild presence is on the Dragonbrand world. We will accept members from other home worlds providing our current guild capacity permits. During the head-start we will be giving members on Dragonbrand priority since an online presence on Dragonbrand will be required to raise the guild size limit.

Behavior and Expectations

AIE strives to foster a community based on mutual respect and courtesy as well as provide the organizational framework for members to enjoy Guild Wars 2.

All members need to be familiar with the guild's policies and responsibilities and adhere to them. These standards of behavior and expectations apply equally to interactions with any member of the AIE gaming community, game worlds community, or “the Real World.”

If any policy is unclear, has been violated, or there is an issue with another member which can not be resolved then please contact an officer in-game or by email at

  • Each member's voice carries equal weight within the community.
  • Alea Iacta Est is a family friendly gaming community that includes some younger members. Please conduct yourself and your communications in AIE provided venues accordingly: keep your conversations in public venues suitable to children.
  • Discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from discussing potentially volatile topics in any of the guild’s communication mediums (guild chat, ventrilo, forums, etc.) and respect others' desires not to address them. Examples may include, but not limited to, any of the following or anything an officer deems similar: politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation or acts, or any variety of “This” v. “That” debates. Such discussions should be taken to private communications.
  • Harassment of anyone will not be tolerated. Should someone not wish to speak with or interact with you, respect their wishes. The officers will not mediate relationships but will act on reports of harassment.
  • Refrain from abusing guild communication systems. Officers are the final arbiters on what constitutes abuse. Abuses may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • “Spamming” any of the guild's communication mediums with excessive LFG requests, news of the day, giveaways, URLs, etc.
    • Begging or attempt to guilt members of the community into assisting with activities or finances (game related or otherwise).
    • Styles of discussion or topics that are disruptive, immature, or better suited for alternate venues should be reserved for private communication between members.
    • Using “all caps” in type-written communication.
  • Guild Wars 2 utilizes an in-game Gem Shop that deals with actual real finances. Do not solicit, or sell, gems or other items outside the Trading post in the game to others with the expectation that officers will intercede in the case of a dispute. Keep all trading within the in-game mechanism for it.
  • Adhere to the AIE gaming community’s guidelines for organizing and hosting events, contests, and raffles detailed on the wiki.
  • Every member, as well as officers, are free to organise and lead groups in various activities in the game. The only requirement is adherence to these Behaviors and Expectations within the group as well.
  • Each member is responsible for any activity on their respective account and bears the consequences of these actions as if they were their own.
  • Abide by the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service published by NCSoft and ArenaNet.
  • Address requests, concerns, or disputes directly to the officers by sending email to
  • The Guild Bank will be available after the first week of launch. Policies for its use are still being drafted.

Guild Structure

The guild is presided over by a small corps of officers who are tasked with ensuring the framework for enjoyment in Guild Wars 2 runs as smoothly as possible. Activities pursued in the game are completely at each member's discretion. Members may take up leadership roles in organizing events, dungeon crawls, and other activities.

GERP Domain Phase

Alea Iacta Est Xiphos is the officially sanctioned guild of the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, and has achieved Domain status within the G.E.R.P.

Member Ranks

There are two ranks of membership within AIE Name. Members from other AIE guilded games may enter into the GW2 guild at the highest membership rank of Hoplite, whereas members new to the community start at the probationary rank of Metic. There may be more restrictions placed on probationary members' access to guild resources.

Hoplite (Citizen-Soldier): Full member in good standing. Details on promotion to this rank will be posted soon.
Metic (Non-Citizen): Probationary member of AIE Name, and the invite rank for all members to the guild.

Officer Ranks

Two ranks of officers assist the Basileus in directing the operation of the guild. Officer selection and promotion is under the purview of the Basileus and current officership. Please do not request promotions.

Basileus (Sovereign): The one destined to wear the bejeweled crown of Tyria upon a troubled brow.
Archon (Lord/Lady): Senior officers who share the responsibilities of the Strategoi and provide counsel to the Basileus.
Strategos (General): Officers responsible for the daily presence and operation of the guild: invitation of new members, guild upgrades and boosts, general assistance, and conflict resolution.

Guild Identity

Guild Wars 2 promotes the ability to participate in multiple guilds. Alea Iacta Est maintains an official presence in the one "Xiphos" guild on Dragonbrand, there are no "sister" guilds on Dragonbrand or other worlds. Our goal is to provide the largest community of friends and family possible within the game, and representing the AIE guild is how we share our time and adventures with one another. While members are free to establish guilds or join others independently, such guilds and relationships are to remain distinct from Alea Iacta Est and recruitment shall not be conducted in the guild forums, guild chat, ventrilo or other AIE resource. This should not prevent members or officers from establishing friendly relationships with other guilds.


Alea Iacta Est has many forms of communication available to members, and the Behaviors and Expectations policies apply to all of them.

Guild Chat

This is the most public means of communication for those playing the game. Consequently, be very aware of your conduct here and know that officers will be vigilant in enforcing the behaviors and expectations of the guild.


Currently, the main website is, which contains many informative links. News stories are frequently posted on the main page.


In addition to the website, we also have a guild wiki. Any member may contribute content to the wiki.


The 400 seat Ventrilo server provided by Typefrag is for the exclusive use of guild members. Sharing the server information with a non-member is not permitted unless explicit permission has been obtained by the officers. The server information is available from UMAMI.

  • Ventrilo channels marked "DND" are considered do-not-disturb channels. If you wish to join a channel marked DND to participate or merely listen, please ask one of the members in the channel first via whisper.
  • The use of software agents to play background music is permitted in Ventrilo channels that are not considered common channels if no participants in the channel have an objection and the music itself does not violate the guild policy.
  • Recording in a Ventrilo channel may only be done with express permission of all members in the channel, explicit notification of the members in the channel, and within the constraints of applicable laws.


Web forums are available for community and AIE: Guild Wars 2.

This is one of the best ways to interact with other members of the community outside the game. Don’t hesitate to get involved!


You may conact the officers in-game or by sending email to

World Community

Coming soon.

Social Media

Twitter: @aie_guild #aieguild
Photo Gallery: Coming soon.

Our Origin Story

AIE was founded on 13 February 2007 as a casual World of Warcraft guild on Earthen Ring (US) by the creators and fans of The Instance, Extralife Radio, Buzz Out Loud, Jawbone Radio, and Mahalo Daily. These beautiful people established the cornerstone of our community. We thank them, the members who has built upon this foundation for six years running, and all the new members we will be welcoming to our community.