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The GERP Team is comprised of AIE officers with experience launching expansions into new games for the AIE community. Their primary roles are to interface closely with the community and assist with the establishment of AIE communities within new games on the horizon.

The Team

  • Abovan
  • Beefmaster
  • Durus
  • Pelell
  • Max
  • RattoZatto
  • Thyatira
  • Tukucommin

Team Roles

  • Sift endlessly through the Imperium Lūdī subforums on the AIE Gaming Community's website. They read all new posts and evaluate interest in new games.
  • Evaluate all upcoming game titles as well as those mentioned specifically in the forums.
  • Receive feedback and reach out to members of the community interested in new games.
  • Champion new games through the GERP process.
  • Evaluate and recommend candidates for Director roles in games.
  • Play all the games!

Contact the Team

The best method of contacting the whole team is to send email to

The GERP team also frequents Jabber and Ventrilo.