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In this page a list of Good EVE Online Guides collected from across the internet will be posted to help those who want to learn more about this internet spaceship game.

A 15 Minute, 7 Step Beginner's Guide To Eve Online

[| R1FTA school of hard knocks guide to Newbie Rifter PVP]

This guide is an amazing introduction for those who want to get in the game and jump right into pvp . A great resource to be sure

[| EVE Uni Wiki] (the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of guides available)

[| Broski Visual Guides] (30 amusing and useful guides to a collection of game mechanics) WARNING: broski is a corp based from 4chan...the machanics in the guides are sound but expect 4chan style humor view at your own risk

[| Jump Clone Guide] A guide to show you step by step how to set up "jump clones" in eve online...

[| 10 Min Newbie video guide] A video guide with lots of good things to know before even turning on the eve client for the first time :)

[| Funding your pvp habbit] Great overview of ways you can make isk if you want to kill players more than rats (mobs)