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Alea Iacta Est Universal is an extension of the wider Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community and the home of the Cap Stable podcast. It differs from traditional EVE corporations: we are not a PVP-centric, an industry-centric, or a game-mechanic-centric corporation. We are community-centric, and our purpose for existing does not involve a specific activity but rather involves the people we play with.

The mission of Alea Iacta Est Universal is to provide a balanced set of combat and industrial opportunities within New Eden for the members of the Alea Iacta Est, ExtraLife, and Cap Stable Podcast communities. Toward this end we will foster an environment of mutual respect, courtesy, and an understanding that a lack of experience does not imply a lack of aptitude.



For policy wonks, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_management


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See also: Unified Policy

EVE Policies align closely with the Unified Policies of the Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community. They can be found in their entirety here.


See also: The Timeline of AIEU

Alea Iacta Est Universal [AIEU] was founded on 16 July 2010. We were initially based in Scheenins in the Verge Vendor region of Gallente space, and we briefly held a system in Cloud Ring and cut our nullsec teeth with TEST Alliance Please Ignore [TEST]. Over the next several years we merrily wandered all over New Eden, usually blundering into chaos in the process. On 17 December 2013, we joined Brave Collective [BRAVE], some of whom had initially confused us with the good folks over at EX-F (however: our name isn’t French, it’s Latin).

Prior to EVE Online, Alea Iacta Est was founded in World of Warcraft in February 2007 by the creators and fans of several popular podcasts such as The Instance and Buzz Out Loud. The guild presently has over 9000 members and 11-co guilds on Earthen Ring-US, and in subsequent years spread out to most other major MMOs and now forms the Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community. We maintain a close relationship with the Frogpants Network and our official forums can be found on the MyExtraLife website here.

As AIE was formed from several podcasting communities and fans, it comes as little surprise that members of AIEU started podcasting about their experiences in EVE, and AIEU is now also the community corporation for the Cap Stable podcast, for better and worse.


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Admission into AIEU is open to any player over 18 years of age, and is a good fit for players whose play schedules take a back seat to family or work priorities. Skillpoint requirements and killboard statistics are not needed or wanted here, merely a willingness to undock and have fun.


We can be reached at officers@aie-universal.com

Emeritus Directors and Officers

The following individuals are people who have formerly held director or officer positions but later regained some semblance of sanity and decided they wanted their lives back. Some of them are active players, many are not. They are listed here for posterity:

  • Audelyn Xiao
  • Cellistara
  • Lars Gangner
  • Louis Hall
  • Mathan Ugg
  • Neral Stark
  • Orsalis Cain
  • Second Aid
  • Sophillea
  • tukucommin
  • StupidGenius Charante
  • Uhtred Wyrd
  • Warak Soal
  • Wolfglen
  • Mardok Alfrir

Previous CEOs