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Below are a series of steps every new player should take as soon as possible upon joining AIEU.

Step 1: Fixing the overview

  • The BRAVE guide to fixing your overview.

Step 2: Accounts, Authentications, and Cores


  • You should already have signed up for AIEU through UMAMI using the guides above. If you haven't, here is an explanation of what UMAMI is and how it works.

List or services

  • AIE Mumble
  • Slack
  • Frogpants EVE Forums
  • Fleet-up
  • Plug.DJ
  • Wiki


  • Creating an account on BRAVE Core will allow you to use BRAVE services.

List of services

Step 3: Communication Protocols




  • Sign up for an account at forum.myextralife.com and participate in our open and public and completely unsecure corporate forums here.
  • You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy here. TEST Auth required.
  • Brave Forums coming soon. In the meantime, this subreddit is the defacto home of Brave Newbies.

Step 4: Final Touches

  • Disable CSPA Charges: see here or here.
  • Join relevant chat channels: see here and here.
  • View alliance bulletins: see here.
  • Sign up for Fleet-up or otherwise find a calendar syncing utility to figure out when operations are being planned.