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Below are a series of steps every new player should take as soon as possible upon joining AIEU.

Step 1: Fixing the overview

  • The BRAVE guide to fixing your overview.
  • The TEST guide to fixing your overview.

Step 2: Accounts, Authentications, and Cores


  • You should already have signed up for AIEU through UMAMI using the guides above. If you haven't, here is an explanation of what UMAMI is and how it works.


  • Creating an account on BRAVE Core will allow you to use BRAVE services.


  • Signing up for TEST Auth will allow you access to TEST services. A guide can be found here.

Step 3: Communication Protocols



Step 4: Final Touches

  • Disable CSPA Charges: see here or here.
  • Join relevant chat channels: see here and here.
  • View alliance bulletins: see here.