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Fleet Commander, Wing Commander and Squad Commander Checklists

Fleet Commanders:

  • [ ] Check if there are war targets online. (you have added them to your addressbook, did you?)
  • [ ] Make a fleet with yourself
  • [ ] Fleetfinder is not to be used for getting people into a fleet. So turn off the advert (this is a requirement)
  • [ ] Make wings and squads. Don't make more then you feel comfortable flying with
  • [ ] Create a seperate Wing for the scouts
  • [ ] Move to a Mumble PvP operations room
  • [ ] Call for scouts (don't have them X-up. Have them convo you)
  • [ ] Invite the scouts to a scout-chat. (you can put less essential intel in there that doesn't have to go over command channel)
  • [ ] Get intel
    • [ ] Get scouts to go to certain systems to check for targets
    • [ ] Use locator agents to determine the location of the war targets
    • [ ] Ask the intel department if they have any extra information
  • [ ] Call for Wing Commanders (WC)
  • [ ] Decide on a deputy from the WC's IE the chain of command. A fleet who loses it's FC and has no clear deputy can be in a lot of trouble.
  • [ ] Invite the WC's into the scout-chat. (this is not always needed, but ensure your nominated successor has all the same intel/info you have.)
  • [ ] Be clear on what the objectives of the fleet is, give an outline of your plan and how you intend to implement it. Ensure the Scouts and WC's know and understand. They need to carry out your plan without having to be micro-managed. Obviously you need to take into account the scouts/WC's experience/abilities into account.
  • [ ] Call for Squad Commanders (SC)
  • [ ] Have Squad Commanders make squad-chats (keeps the smalltalk out of fleet-chat)
  • [ ] Start calling roles and have the SC invite people into their squads. You have several options for squad set-up. 2 of them are:
    • [ ] Get balanced squads (Have EW / T / DD all in the same squad )
    • [ ] Get Role-specific squads (Have seperate squads for EW / T / DD )
  • [ ] Have fleet-members join you in the TS PvP operations room
  • [ ] Call out for late stragglers that still want to join
  • [ ] Announce you are departing the fleet soon and people have to get ready
  • [ ] Do your fleet thing
  • [ ] Put an AAR in the AAR section with the following:
    • [ ] Objective / Operational area
    • [ ] Explanation on what happened during the fleet operation
    • [ ] Lessons learned
  • [ ] If you're a officer (ensign or higher) of the ILN, also post the AAR in the battlegroup patrol log topic

Wing Commanders

The exact role is down to the wishes and style of the FC. The emphasis is to take some of the workload off the FC.

  • [ ] Ensure the FC has nomited a successor/chain of command early on (if not, prompt the FC)
  • [ ] Understand the FC's wishes as to what duties they wish the WC's to carry out (such as fleet broadcasts, invites)
  • [ ] Liaise with the other WC's on those duties so it's clear which WC is doing what duties
  • [ ] Look at the fleet structure, is it yielding the best bonuses it can? Do SC's/WC's/Boosters need rearranging?
  • [ ] Understand the FC's intentions and objectives for the fleet, you may have to assume command at any time
  • [ ] Keep an eye on the fleet generally, are pilots making warps, orbiting when stationery etc. Ensure SC's are doing their jobs.
  • [ ] Have maps open and understand where the risks will come from, where the targets might be, where the chokepoints are. Think ahead
  • [ ] Keep an eye on Alliance and Intel channels - ensure the FC is aware of any information that is important to the fleet.

Squad Commanders

The main role for a SC is keeping the squad together and funtioning to the best of it's ability

  • [ ] Make a squad-chat for all squad members
  • [ ] Make a list of squad members with:
    • [ ] Character name
    • [ ] Ship name / Ship type
    • [ ] Role
    • [ ] Optimal range
  • [ ] Reinvite disconnected squad members
  • [ ] Manage your squad members (ensure they are aligning when ordered, making warps, are on grid, not AFK, in correct Mumble channel)
  • [ ] Relay the commands from above (usually FC verbal orders) to your squad in writing, using the usual written abbreviations
    • [ ] Or Nominate someone to do it
  • [ ] Nominate a sucessor/chain of command
  • [ ] Act as a mentor to the less experienced squad members.

If it happens to be the (first) time you are a Fleet Commander, a Wing Commander or a Squad Commander and you don't know what to do or you want more detail on the items above then see How to form a fleet