EVE:Fleet-up Setup

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Step 1: Go to Fleet-up and sign in via the EVE Online: Single Sign On (SSO)


Step 2: Log on Via Eve SSO


Step 3: Select a character to Authorize in EVE SSO

Authorize char.jpg

Step 4: Select New or Existing Fleet-up Account

Existing or new.jpg

Step 5: Go to the Character Selection Screen

Fleetup home.jpg

Step 6: Click the "Add API Key" Button

Add char api.jpg

Step 7: Add API Key ID and Vcode for an AIEU Character

Add api.jpg

Step 8: Verify you AIEU character is displayed

Confirm char load.jpg

Step 9:Go to the Group Selection Screen

Join group.jpg

Step 10: Click the "Join via API" Button

Join group arrow.jpg

Step 11: Click the Join Button next to Alea Iacta Est Universal

Corp group join.jpg

Step 12: Click "Ok"

Join corp confirm.jpg

Step 13: Congrats! You are now in AIEU Fleet-up

Group list.jpg