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Initial Setup


First you need to have a Bomber Overview, sometimes known as GTFO overview

  • No brackets
  • Planets
  • Gates
  • Asteroid belts

Modules Setup

You need to setup your modules in a smart way, which means: Place your bomb launcher where you can't click it accidentally


  • F1 - Cloak Device
  • F2 - MicroWarpDrive
  • F5 - Bomb Launcher
  • Alt-F1 - Torp Launchers (grouped)
  • Alt-F2 - EWAR

Fleet Operation


Most of the time Bomber ops are formed on demand, based on the real time intelligence we have. Usually ops will not be posted in advance but instead will be announced in Corp or on Comms. All the other details (Formup location, target systems, bombs, etc) can be found in the Fleet MOTD once you join.

Bomb Types

The most important thing you can do in a fleet its to bring the correct bomb. The Fleet MOTD -- whenever you join the fleet, it will be the first thing it appears on your fleet chat -- should always detail which bombs to bring.


  • Void - Neutralize Capacitor
  • LockBreaker - Works as Caldari ECM but made into a Bomb
  • Shrapnel - Explosive Damage Bombs, they get boosted damage when used by a Hound
  • Scorch - Thermal Damage Bombs, they get boosted damage when used by a Nemesis
  • Concussive - Kinetic Damage Bombs, they get boosted damage when used by a Manticore
  • Electron - EM Damage Bombs, they get boosted damage when used by a Purifier


  • Usually there is an Active Wing and a AFK/Support wing in the fleet. If you aren't sure where to be, please ask the FC about it, or you may risk not getting any fleet warps to bomb.


  • NEVER EVER take a squad commander position. These are reserved for the FC so he can position himself in there and warp the squad.
  • Don't join a squad with 8 people in it, having more than 8 bombs in a wing runs the risk of all the bombs destroying each other and not getting any kills.
  • Squads are usually set up in a smart way depending what bomb types and numbers the fleet has. Please ask the FC where to be rather than putting yourself into any squad. This is really important in fleets that use a mix of Void Bombs and Damage Bombs, as the composition of bombs per squad its very crucial.


Bomber Fleets will generally get to the Target System with a Black Ops (Blops) Bridge

  • The FC will tell you to warp to the Blops Pilot
  • Set your Keep At Range default to 2,200m
  • Keep at Range on the Blops. Don't bump the Blops
  • Wait
  • When the FC calls for the bridge, right click on the Blops and select "Jump"
  • on the other side of the bridge, "Starburst and Cloak". Double click in space away from the cyno, wait a second or two and cloak. This will get you far enough away from the other fleet members that you can activate your cloak.

If the fleet is jumping through gates:

  • Always be cloaked
  • Follow the FC's commands
  • After every gate, Starburst and Cloak - Unless your FC asks for something else.

Ready To Bomb


Most of the time bombers setup 300 KMs off the target, for this they will have someone (usually the FC) saying "Everyone Warp to that member at 0", at which point you warp to that guy at 0 (sounds hard right?). One important little bit: MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLOAKED, because if you aren't you will decloak the whole bomber gang and you will take the surprise factor out of the fleet, and may get the fleet killed.

Whenever the FC says something like "Warp to X from 0 to 30" it means you need to pick a random distance when warping to X, which can be either 0kms, 10kms, or 30kms.

Patience is a Virtue

Unlike any other doctrine, bombing is based on patience and cleverness. Keep in mind that the FC has to wait for the right timing and positioning to be able to launch an attack. Patience is a virtue and you need to just chill out and wait for the FC to work it out.

Doing the Bomb Run

Only after everyone has prepared, the squads are organized, and the timing and positioning lend themselves for a bomber run, is it time to attack:

  1. Your FC will tell you to Align to something (Can be celestial, a guy in field, a wreck). If you cant find the align point, don't panic, its not that big of a deal.
  2. You select BOMBER Overview (or GTFO overview)
  3. Your FC will move himself into squad commander position of your squad
  4. Your FC will squad warp you 30km off the target he wants to kill
  5. You WAIT, and WAIT until you are LANDING and then you Decloak
  6. When you land decloaked, SPAM your BOMB LAUNCHER button
  7. As soon as you see your bomb going off (When the Bomb Launcher Starts to Cycle) you WARP OUT using your Bomber Overview

Special Notes

  • The bomb travels in the direction of your alignment. Because of this, when you are landing after a squad warp, you have to launch your bomb immediately, or your alignment will drift and your bomb wont land on the target. On the same note, you need to make sure you launch your bomb before warping, as warping changes your alignment.
  • You want to wait until you are about to land to decloak. If you decloak early you are just giving the enemy more time to react, place dictors in our direction and bubble all the bombers, or even worse, make their whole fleet warp out before you even land.