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Welcome to the AIEU Bomber Wing Main Page

What is a Bomber Wing?

Made up of 5-20 stealth bombers, one or more scouts in Covops, and optionally one or more interdictors a bomber wing is intended to launch multiple bombs into an enemy fleet simultaneously. When done properly it can wipe out large numbers of ships in the blink of an eye. Bomber wings cooperate closely with the main fleet FC for maximum effectiveness.

Bomber Wing Basics

1. What are bombs? How do they work? Bombs are an aoe weapon launched from a bomb launcher. They travel in the direction your ship is facing, fly for 10 seconds and detonate 30km from your launch point. Bombs inflict AOE damage with a radius of 15km from its detonation point.

2. Always bring the bomb type that the FC calls for. Bombs are resistant to the damage type they inflict, but not to other types of damage. So if everyone uses a concussion bomb and one guy in the group launches a shrapnel bomb, that shrapnel bomb will blow up all of the concussion bombs.

3. Bombers wings should consist ideally of multiple squads of 8. Again this is due to bomb damage. If more than 8 bombs are launched simultaneously, there is a chance the damage will still blow up the bombs in flight, even if they are the same type. A squad of 8 will be able to blow up cruisers, 2 squads of 8 or 16 will be able to blow up battlecruisers and possibly battleships and 3 squads of 8 or 24 will pretty much wipe any fleet.

4. Follow the FC's instructions. As a grunt in a bomber wing, your job is to take fleet warp, bomb people and get out. Stay calm and follow instructions.

5. Lag is your enemy. If you warp onto grid with 400-500 ships, your computer will probably crash. Turn off brackets and effects, otherwise you'll be sitting there decloaked for several seconds while you load grid and you'll wake up in station dead.

5. ALWAYS BE CLOAKED. An uncloaked bomber is a dead bomber.

Bomb Damage

Bombs have a base explosion radius of 400m This means that any targets with an explosion radius smaller than 400m will take only partial damage from bombs. Bombs are best used against large targets, Battlecruisers and up.

Basic Bomber Skills

Heres a list of the basic skills you need to just get your character into a bomber with the minimum skill requirements:

Racial Frigate V
Covert Ops I
Electronics IV
Energy Managment II
Engineering III
Thermodynamics I
Astronautics Rigging I
Jury Rigging III
Electronic Upgrades V
Missile Bombardment IV
Missile Launcher Operation I
High Speed Manuvering I
Navigation III
Afterburner III
Shield Upgrades II
Science I
Hull Upgrades I
Mechanic III
and last but absolutely not least...
Cloaking IV

Skill Plans for EveMon

Stealth Bomber Fittings

Recommended fittings for Bombing Bombers

Recommended fittings for Hot Drop Bombers

Bombing Bombers are fit for maximum agility and minimum signature radius. Hot Drop Bombers are built for maximum DPS. Please bring the right fit for the operation.

How to Fly in a Bombing Fleet

How to fly in a Bombing Fleet

How to FC a Bomber Fleet

How to FC a Bombing Fleet